|NPTEL Course Approval Procedure

Rules regarding NPTEL courses are as under: NPTEL courses need no prior enrollment/registration. The NPTEL credits are outside of the 66 credit limit per semester. Maximum 21 B.Tech elective credits can be earned through NPTEL. Procedure:
  • After a student gets a certificate of pass from NPTEL, a copy has to be uploaded on Workflow under General -> Student ticket.
  • For free category NPTEL credits, only the faculty advisor (automatic on workflow) needs to approve. Please do not route it through HoD in this case.
  • If a student wants either E(Basic Engineering), H(Humanities), P(Professional), or S(Science) credits, the concerned HoD must approve (offline on the copy of the certificate before uploading). Other department courses to be credited under the P category, ME HoD must approve.
    • For example, if they want to credit a Physics course in the S category, the Physics HoD needs to sign the certificate.
  • Under the H category, a maximum of 9 credits only can be permitted. Out of the 27 credits to be earned for the H category, 18 must be from IITM or from an exchange semester. 
 Please note that ONLY B.Tech elective credits can be obtained from NPTEL. No core courses or DD/M. Tech-level elective credits can be earned through NPTEL