| Distinguished Alumni Awardess

The department of mechanical engineering at IIT Madras has produced some of the finest minds both in academia and industry over the years. Many of our alumni went on creating a greater impact to the society in various forms. The list below contains some of such distinguished alumnus of the department who were conferred with the Distinguished Alumnus award by IIT Madras.

Dr. Subra Suresh (1977/BT/ME)

President, Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. K. R. Rajagopal (1973/BT/ME)

Distinguished Professor at Texas A&M University
also holds Forsyth Chair in Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Sunil Wadhwani (1974/BT/ME)

Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, iGate Corporation

Dr. V. Srinivasan (1966/BT/ME)

Adams Distinguished Professor of Management
Emeritus at the Stanford Business School

Mr. S. Srinivasan (1964/BT/ME,1979/MS/CS)

Chairman & Managing Director, SRA Systems Ltd.

Dr. Gursharan Singh Sidhu (1967/BT/ME)

Founder, Chief Technology Officer &
Sr.Vice President, NexVerse Networks Inc.,

Dr. R. Mahadevan (1964/BT/ME)

Group Technology Director, India Pistons Limited

Padmashri. M. Natarajan (1967/BT/ME)

Former Scientific Advisor to Defence Minister
& Ex-Chief Controller R&D of DRDO

Dr. Ashok Khanna (1967/BT/ME)

CMD, Controls and Switchgear Group

Dr. B. Ramachandra Pai (1965/BT/ME)

Retired - Director of National Aerospace Laboratories

Dr. B. N. suresh (1969/MT/ME)

Vikram Sarabhai distinguished Professor at ISRO

Dr. Marti G. Subrahmanyam (1967/BT/ME)

Professor, Stern School of Business, New York

Dr. A. Parasuraman (1970/BT/ME)

James W. McLamore Chair in Marketing, Professor
& Department Chair, Marketing at University of Miami, USA

Mr. Krishna ‘Kittu’ Kolluri (1986/BT/ME)

Venture Capitalist and Board Of Directors in Several Organizations

Mr. Sunil Kumar (1971/BT/ME)

President & CEO of International Speciality Products Inc, USA

Mr. Bhaskar Bhat (1976/BT/ME)

Managing Director, Titan Industries Limited, Bangalore

Mr. Vijay Kumar Magapu (1966/BT/ME)

Executive Director on L&T Board

Dr. L. Mahadevan (1986/BT/ME)

Lola England de Valpine Professor of Applied Mathematics; Professor of Organismic
& Evolutionary Biology; Professor of Physics at Harvard University

Mr. P. Venugopalan (1971/BT/ME,1979/MS/ME)

Former Director of Defence Research & Development Laboratory

Dr. Suresh V. Garimella (1985/BT/ME)

Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships;
Goodson Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Director,
NSF Cooling Technologies Research Center, Purdue University

Dr. Ramanathan V Guha (1986/BT/ME)

Computer scientist at Google

Mr. Kannan Lakshminarayan (1988/BT/ME)

Parallel? Entrepreneur, Founder of several Organizations

Dr. Prakash Keshaviah (1967/BT/ME)

Director of Dialysis at Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust

Dr. Ramarathnam Narasimhan (1982/BT/ME)

Professor of Mechanical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

Dr. Pradip Dutta (1987/BT/ME)

Professor of Mechanical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru