We have a facility for machining precision micro component using KERN EVO Ultra Precision, high speed, 5 axis Micro Machining Center at Manufacturing Engineering Section, Department of Mechanical Engineering. The specifications of the machine and other details are given below.

Any one interested in using this facility for making micro parts or prototype for research work may please contact Prof. Shunmugam or Dr. G.L. Samuel directly. Kindly note that the micro-tools are consumables and hence have to be procured by the users. For regular parts, standard fixtures are available with us. However, complex parts may require dedicated fixtures.

You can book the slot by filling the form.


ControllerHeidenhain iTNC530
Linear TraverseX= 300 mm
Y=280 mm
Z = 250 mm
Rotary traverseB= 360 continuous rotation
C= -10 to 110 Swivel
Spindle Control
Vector Controlled500 to 50000 rpm
Frequency Controlled60000 to 160000 rpm
Max Workpiece size70*70*100mm
Feed Rate0.01 – 16000mm/min
Resolution0.1 μm
Positioning scatterPS ±0.5 μm
Positioning toleranceP ±1.0 μm
Precision on the workpiece (3-axis)2.0 μm
Salient Features

Polymer concrete machine frame Automatic workpiece changing system: 24 Pos. Automatic tool changer (ATC): 32 positions Tool Changing Time : 3sec (Approx) Laser measuring system: Tool measurement Touch probe system: Workpiece measurement Macro-video microscope: Viewing operation Optical microscope: 30X Lubrication: Oil mist / Flood Five axes simultaneous control

Machining that can be carried out:

Drilling: 0.04 mm onwards; Tapping: 0.4 mm onwards; End-milling: 0.1 mm onwards;

Time taken for each Machining Operation :

Time taken for machining depends on the nature of the profile to be machined. The feed and speed depends on the work piece material. For 5 axis profile machining it would take approximately 5 hours after carrying out the following initial tasks

  • Dry run and calibration of machine tool.
  • Cutting tool measurement and calibration using Laser system.
  • Clamping of work piece on the table using fixture.
  • Setting up Datum using the touch probe.
  • Preparation of CAM Programming.

Time available for other users (Days / hours) : 3 Hours/day
(Micro Tools need to be purchased by the user based on the holes/profile to be machined)

Students/Staff/Faculty members are requested to download the work order form and fill it accordingly before proceeding for the machining process
To download the Work order form for Kern Evo Ultra Precision Micro Machining Centre 5 Axis Simultaneous Operation please Click here
For further enquiries please contact:
Prof. M.S. Shunmugam/Dr. G.L. Samuel
Manufacturing Engineering Section
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Tel: 44 - 2257 – 4677/4699 (O)
Email: shun@iitm.ac.in/samuelgl@iitm.ac.in;