| Energy Science and Engineering (ESE)

Chair: Prof. K. Srinivas Reddy
Co-Chair: Prof. Sateesh Gedupudi

Research Mission

To carry out fundamental research on energy conversion and storage principles and to develop suitable, sustainable technologies for more efficient energy generation and utilization and thereby contributing towards country’s goal of energy self-sufficiency.


Faculty with ESE as their research focus will look at a gamut of problems in the range of fields from fluid flow to heat transfer, combustion, turbo machinery, solar/air/hydropower generation, gas turbine and propulsion.

Research Snippets

  • Several faculty members of the department are engaged in cutting edge research in the fundamental areas of fluid flow and heat transfer.
  • Faculty are currently involved in research in areas of combustion of fossil fuel and clean coal technology.
  • Extracting energy from different renewable sources — from concentrating solar energy to aerodynamic and Mechanical design of two-stage Savonius-type wind turbine — are carried out by different faculties in this department.
  • Turbomachines and propulsion forms a strong research group with a potential to form independent national centre
  • Faculty of this department are working on extending the technological limits to produce hybrid refrigerants, using of biofuels in IC engines, improved solar desalination or contributing to the development of fundamental understanding in the use of mixed refrigerants.

Job Prospects

Students in their final year undergraduate, dual degree students and Masters’ students will be able to take a basket of courses offered in this area that will equip them with knowledge and skills in these cutting edge area enabling to harness career opportunities in research and development division of public and private sector within and outside the country, national laboratories, defense, space and nuclear establishments and research center of multinational companies within and outside the country. Prospect for getting jobs/higher studies for these students is bright with companies like GE, NTPC, and a host of other government/private/MNCs have active recruitment in these areas and many different institutes all over the world work on different aspects of energy science and engineering.

Laboratories Involved

  • HTTP – Heat Transfer and Thermal Power Laboratory
  • ICE – Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory
  • R&AC – Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Laboratory
  • FSL – Fluid Systems Laboratory
  • TDCE – Thermodynamics and Combustion Engines Laboratory