| Details of Courses and Faculty (For First Semester MS/PhD scholars Jan-May 2021)

Course number Course name Instructor(s) Contact email
ME5107 Numerical methods in thermal engineering Pallab Sinha Mahapatra; T Sundararajan pallab@iitm.ac.in
ME6080 Measurements in thermal engineering Ashish Kumar Sen; B V S S S Prasad ashis@iitm.ac.in
ME5203 Advanced mechanics of solids Narasimhan Swaminathan n.swaminathan@smail.iitm.ac.in
ME5204 Finite element analysis Raju Sethuraman sethu@iitm.ac.in
AS6520 Mathematics for aerospace engineers Santanu Ghosh sghosh1@iitm.ac.in
ME7230 Applied finite element analysis Sundararajan Natarajan snatarajan@iitm.ac.in
ME5300 Metrology and Computer Aided Inspection Arunachalam N chalam@iitm.ac.in
ME5302 Sensors for Intelligent Manufacturing and Condition Monitoring Ramesh Babu N nrb@iitm.ac.in
ME6343 Oil Hydraulics and Pneumatic Systems SOMASHEKHAR S somashekhar@iitm.ac.in
ME6332 Mechatronic Systems P V Manivannan pvm@iitm.ac.in
MM5020 Modern Techniques of Material Characterization K G Pradeep kgprad@iitm.ac.in