| CAD in Manufacturing

Course ID Course Name Instructor Room Numbessr Time
ME7040 CAD in Manufacturing Sathyan Subbiah; S. Soundarapandian MES SR Slot-B

| Course Contents

Introduction - Role of Computers in design and manufacture.

Solid modeling - techniques and algorithms for modeling - Data structures for solid models.

Draughting - Configuration, function and facilities - parametric representation - examples of Draughting system.

Surface modeling - curves and surface representation - composite surfaces - application to computer aided manufacture. Case studies in CAD/CAM.

Current developments in CAD - feature based modeling - Design by feature - function, feature linkages - Application of feature based models. Parametric modeling. Finite elements - mesh generation, modeling and post processing. Quality function deployment - Concept and its uses. Product design in concurrent engineering environment.

| Text/Reference Books

  • Integrating Advanced Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing and Numerical Control, Xun Xu.