TA Portal

Guidelines for selecting TAs
  1. Please see the user manual (sent as an attachment) while choosing TAs.
  2. Please make a note of the roll numbers and names of the TAs you are choosing. In case there is an issue with the TA portal, we can easily allot the same TA to you.
  3. Students belonging to the following semesters only will be allotted TA duties
    1. DD Students: 9 th and 10th Semesters
    2. M. Tech. Students: 3rd and 4th Semesters
    3. MS Students: 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Semesters
    4. PhD Students: All semesters beween 4th and 10th semesters. This includes 4th and 10th semesters
  4. Students not belonging to the above listed semesters will be given other duties.
  5. TA portal will be open for fifteen days during which faculty can choose TAs for their courses.
    1. Please avoid choosing the students under your guidance
    2. Please be prepared to give up the TA chosen by you in case he/she/they
      1. are required for core laboratory courses.
      2. have received special training to conduct some laboratory/course
      3. have already interacted with another faculty earlier to be TA for some other course.
        If this becomes apparent to you just after you chose the TA, kindly choose another TA, while the portal is open.
    3. If you have a preference for a particular TA, kindly choose her/him as soon as the portal is open. Despite this, it is possible that a student wanted by you is already chosen by some other faculty.  Faculty should now refrain from contacting the ME office or the TA coordinators. Instead, they should talk to the concerned faculty who has chosen that particular TA and mutually agree to swap TAs.
    4. Faculty can swap TAs using the "Delete A TA" option present at the bottom of the page. Simply enter the roll number of the student you want to delete and press "Delete". This TA will now be removed from the list of chosen TAs and added to the orinigal list for the other faculty to choose. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHILE USING THE DELETE OPTION AS YOU CAN DELETE THE TA CHOSEN BY ANOTHER FACULTY
    5. If your student(s) falls/fall in the batch mentioned in Rule 3, then please do not contact TA coordinators or ME office requesting exemption of TA duty for these student(s).
  6. Following this period of TA choosing activity, no TAs can be chosen. ME office will put up the chosen TAs on notice boards and on the ME website. Faculty are requested to contact the chosen TAs by themselves.
  7. If your TA is consistently not turning up for TA duty or unresponsive to your emails, please report the TA’s name(s) and roll number(s) to ME office. Subject of the email should be “TA UNRESPONSIVE.
  8. Kindly exercise your right to choose your TAs. Do not ask ME office or TA coordinators to choose TAs for you.
  9. Only TA portal should be used to choose TAs. Do not bypass the TA portal and send emails to the TA coordinator or the ME office listing the TAs you prefer.
  10. Sign out after you have chosen TAs

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