Ramesh Babu, N.

V Balaraman Institute Chair Professor & Emeritus Professor

106, Manufacturing Engineering Section

PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India



  • Dr. Ramesh Babu received his PhD from IIT Madras in the year 1990 (Investigations on laser dressing of grinding wheels).
  • His research interest includes Manufacturing Technology, Grinding, Abrasive Waterjet Machining, Sheet metal fabrication, Laser Beam Machining, CNC, PLCs & Robotics, Precision Machine Tool development, Process modeling and Simulation of manufacturing systems. His publications includes 61 International Journal Papers and 104 National/International Conference Papers.

  1. Honors
  2. Visiting Fellow (2017 – 2019) TEES#, Texas A & M, USA.
  3. *TEES# – Texas A & M Engineering Experiment Station, Texas A & M University, USA.
  4. V Balaraman Institute Chair Professor ( April, 2006), IIT Madras, India.
  5. Fellow of AP Academi of Sciences (2016) AP Academi of Sciences, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  6. Honorary Member (2012) The Romanian Society of Mechanical Engineers.
  7. Invited to deliver a key note talk on “Indian Economy and the role of IITs in socio-economic development of India” AMADA INNOVATION FAIR 2012, GLOBAL EVENT – June 1st 2012 at AMADA Head-quarters, Isehara City, Japan.
  8. Member, Board of Governors, Andhra University College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam, A.P. (2010 – 2012).
  9. Invited talk on “German Cooperation in Technical Education and Research and Efforts on Sustainable Manufacturing” at Indo – German Innovation Platform organized by Fraunhofer Association and German Embassy, India in Pune on March 12 & 13, 2010.
  10. Invited by Secretary General, CIRP to deliver a talk on “Activities on Precision Engineering at IIT Madras” at CIRP January Meetings held in Paris during January 20-23, 2010.
  11. Invited by Secretary General, CIRP to attend CIRP General Assembly in Pisa, Italy during August 22-28, 2010.
  12. Invited to deliver a talk on “Unconventional Machining – Water Jet Technology” at Yeungnam University, Korea on November 24, 2009.
  13. Invited for R & D Kick off meeting by AMADA Co. Ltd. Japan to their plants in Japan during December 17-21, 2007.
  14. Member, International Advisory Board, International Journal on Manufacturing Technology and Research.
  15. Awards
  16. IIM Binani Gold Medal for the Best paper published in Transactions of Indian Institute of Metals, Aug.- Oct. 2012.
  17. Best paper award with a cash prize of Rs. 10,000 for the best paper in the area of A.Ramesh Babu and N. Ramesh Babu on Nesting of irregular parts in irregular sheets using genetic algorithms presented at the 18th AIMTDR Conference held at IIT Kharagpur, 1998.
  18. Best paper award with a cash prize of Rs. 5,000/- for the best paper in the area of CAD/CAM – K.K. George and N. Ramesh Babu, ‘Modified algorithm for the generation of cutter path for 3D sculptured surface machining’ awarded by 15th AIMTDR Conference, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, December, 1992.

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