Mallikarjuna, J. M.


205, Internal Combustion Engines Lab

PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India



  • I hail from a family of farmers and business in the Malnad region of Karnataka state near Shivamogga. I did my schooling in Anavatti (the place of Sri Kaitabeswara Temple) and Shivamogga.
  • Presently, I am a faculty at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras. I teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Mechanical Engineering. I guide research students (Ph.D. and MS) towards their research dissertation.
  • I am married to Kavitha. We have two sons – Anmol and Aryan. We live in the green IIT Madras Campus at Chennai.
  • I did my under-graduation from Hassan, the place which is famous as poor man’s Ooty and for cucumber throughout the year. Then, I did post-graduation (M.Tech.,) and Ph.D., from Indian Institute of Technology Madras.
  • I joined as a teacher in an engineering college in Karnataka in the year 1987 and continuing in this profession till today. Right from my early age, I liked the mechanical field because of my younger age exposure and environment.
  • I like watching sports like cricket and tennis. I like doing yoga, pranayama, meditation, and swimming. My daily routine includes walking in the evening.

  • Work mainly in the area of internal combustion engines (thermal engineering). Fields of interest are on:
  • In-cylinder flow analysis of four-stroke and two-stroke IC engines using PIV.
  • Experimental and CFD analysis of homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) and gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines.
  • Alternate fuels like hydrogen, biogas, alcohol, biodiesel, ethers, vegetable oils, plastic oil.
  • The CFD analysis of various engines and processes. Also, on low temperature combustion (LTC) in diesel engines.
  • Now working on the CFD analysis of water injection in the HCCI and GDI engines under various engine configurations and operating conditions.
  • Also on the analysis of laser ignition and the combination of PFI and GDI engines in spark ignition engines.

  1. Best Paper Award was presented to O. P. Saw and J. M. Mallikarjuna for an outstanding paper entitled “Effect of Spark Plug and Fuel Injector Location on Mixture Stratification in a GDI Engine – A CFD Analysis” at CFDRI 2017 jointly organised by Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia & Prince of Songkla University on 3 – 6 Aug 2017 at BP Samila Beach Hotel & Resort, Songkhla, Thailand.
  2. Best Paper Award for the paper titled “Thermo-Kinetic Model to Predict Start of Combustion in Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engine” authored by Harshit Gupta and Mallikarjuna, J M at International Conference on Mechanical, Production, and Automobile Engineering (ICMPAE-2011), held at Pattaya, Thailand, on Dec 17-18, 2011.
  3. Best Paper Award for the paper titled “Performance, Emission and Combustion Characteristics of a Hydrogen Fuelled SI engine – An Experimental Study” authored by Subramanian, V., J. M. Mallikarjuna and A. Ramesh, at the International Mobility Engineering Congress and Expo-2005, SAEINDIA, Chennai, SAEINDIA Paper No. 2005-26-349, Oct 23-25, 2005.
  4. Best Paper Award for the paper titled “Effect of Intake Charge and Coolant Temperature on Combustion and Emissions of an HCCI Engine – An Experimental Study”, authored by Swami Nathan, S., J. M. Mallikarjuna and A. Ramesh, at the 1st International conference and 20th National Conference on IC Engines and Combustion (ICONICE 2007), JNTU, Hyderabad, India, Dec 6-9, 2007.
  5. Best Paper Award for the paper titled “CFD analysis of in-cylinder flow and air-fuel interaction on different combustion chamber geometry in DISI engine”, authored by Harshavardhan, B and J. M. Mallikarjuna, at the International Conference on MECHANICAL AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING (ICMIE 2013), Chandigarh, 24-03-2013.

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