Chakravarthy Balaji

Institute Chair Professor

205, Heat Transfer and Thermal Power Laboratory

PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India



  • Dr. C. Balaji received his PhD from IIT Madras in 1995.
  • His research interests include Computational Heat transfer, Computational Radiation, Optimization in Thermal Sciences, Inverse Heat Transfer, Satellite Meteorology, Numerical Weather Prediction etc. He has authored more than 160 journal publications and over 60 conference publications. He is also the author of four books, which include 2 graduate level text books on thermal system design and optimization and radiation heat transfer.

  1. Swarna Jayanthi Fellowship, Govt of India, (Earth and atmospheric science), 2008.
  2. Tamilnadu Scientist Award, Govt of Tamilnadu, 2010. .
  3. Elected Fellow, Indian National Academy of Engineering, 2012.
  4. Humboldt Fellowship- 2005-2006
  5. Humboldt Fellowship -Renewed Research stay for experienced researchers, Germany, 2012.
  6. Marti Gurunath Award for Excellence in Teaching, awarded by IIT Madras, 2013.
  7. Mid career research award, IIT Madras, 2015
  8. Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Thermal Sciences (Elsevier Ltd., Oxford), 2016 –