Babu Viswanathan


Thermodynamics and Combustion Engineering Lab

PhD from Ohio State University, Columbus, USA



  • Prof.Babu Viswanathan’s research interests include high performance computing, supersonic combustion, simulation of flows using lattice Boltzman method, numerical simulation of flows using CFD, computational aeroacoustics, simulation of high speed chemically reacting flows and plasmas and prediction of noise from subsonic and supersonic jets.

  1. P. K. Shijin, S. Somasundaram, V. Raghavan and V. Babu, Numerical Investigation of Laminar Cross-flow Non-premixed Flames in the Presence of a Bluff-body, Combustion Theory and Modelling (to appear).
  2. Anand Raj Hariharan and V. Babu, Transverse injection into a supersonic cross-flow through a circular injector with chevrons, ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering, Vol. 136, No. 2, 2014, pp. 021204-1.
  3. S. Soma Sundaram and V. Babu, Numerical investigation of combustion instability in a V-gutter stabilized combustor, ASME Journal for Gas Turbines and Power, Vol. 135, No. 12, 2013, pp. 121501-1.