Arunn Narasimhan


105, Heat Transfer and Thermal Power Laboratory

PhD from Southern Methodist University, USA.



  • Prof. Arunn Narasimhan received his Ph.D. in 2002 from Southern Methodist University, USA. Before joining IIT Madras in 2003, he was a staff engineer in the Microlithography division of FSI International, Allen, TX, USA.
  • His major research interests are heat and fluid flow in porous media and biological systems.
  • His publications include a graduate level textbook on heat and fluid flow in porous media, several invited book chapters and review articles and over a hundred peer reviewed research articles in international journals and conferences.
  • He has also authored five popular science books and two novels in Tamil language.
  • He was elected as a Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineers in 2015.

  • Primary Topics: Hydraulics in Porous Media | Convection Heat Transfer in Porous Media | Mathematical Modeling of Bio-Heat Transfer Processes | Laser Surgery in Human Eye | Drug Delivery to Human Organs (Eye, Capillaries, Placenta) | Mass Transfer in Human Lungs.
  • Other Research Forays: Phase Change Material Heat Sinks | Microlithography Manufacturing Process | Tree Networks | Convection Heat Transfer | Wavelet Transform Solution Methods for Bio-Heat and Dual Phase Lag Heat Equations | Basic Thermodynamics.

    Current Courses

  • Currently Teaching Course: Heat Transfer (2023)
  • Courses Taught in the past: Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer | Measurements in Thermal Engineering | Heat Transfer | Thermodynamics | Heat and Fluid Flow in Porous Media | Heat and Fluid Flow in Biological Systems