Advanced Manufacturing Science and Engineering (AMSE)


Prof. L. Vijayaraghavan

Research Mission

To carryout fundamental and applied research in order to advance the field of manufacturing science and engineering by providing precise shape and properties to the next generation materials through sustainable and advanced processes, cutting edge tools, smart machines, flexible systems, metrology and inspection tools.


Faculty with AMSE as their research focus work on the development of next generation advanced manufacturing processes and cutting tools, machining of difficult-to-machine materials, machining and forming at micro and nano scales, friction and laser based surface engineering, microstructural alterations to improve material properties, infusing smartness into processes and machines, automation of processes at different levels, high precision measurement and characterization at all length-scales.

Research Snippets

Strategies to manufacture products with stringent requirements: The faculty members of this group are actively involved to find manufacturing solutions for developing newer high technology products that typically have stringent requirements in geometry, tolerances and properties. Some typical examples of high technology products are: aerospace engine components, rocket components, x-ray synchrotron mirrors, and nanomaterials such as graphene, diamond cutting tools.

Processing of advanced materials (for example: high temperature materials such as Ti and Ni based super alloys, composites, grapheme, ceramics, nanostructured materials): Faculty work on the development of advanced manufacturing processes for successful shape and microstructural transformations of such materials for new and specialized applications. Some such advanced manufacturing processes are friction/laser based additive manufacturing, micro/nano machining, grinding and polishing, laser assisted machining, high speed machining, high speed machining using self-developed cutting tools, un-conventional machining processes, solid state joining and brazing, innovative coating methods and surface engineering technologies.

Cost & quality improvement in manufacturing: To achieve cost and quality improvements several faculty work on innovations in manufacturing process and associated fields such as tooling development, sensing, measurement and inspection of machining process and products, surface roughness inspection (Contact and Non-Contact), coordinate metrology, optical and machine vision applications in manufacturing, machine/process monitoring, diagnostics, prognostics, selfmonitoring machine tool with a capabilities of reliable maintenance and production planning leading to smart machine tools for a sustainable manufacturing.

Job prospects

Undergraduate, dual degree and Masters students will be able to take a basket of courses offered in this area that will equip them with knowledge and skills in these cutting edge area enabling to harness career opportunities in research and development division of public and private sector within and outside the country, national laboratories, defense, space and nuclear establishments and research centre of multinational companies within and outside the country. A solid foundation in AMSE will help them in bridging the innovation gap between government/academia and industry.

Laboratories Involved

MES – Manufacturing Engineering Section

MDS – Machine Design Section