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Damodara, S., George, D., Sen, A.K.

Single step fabrication and characterization of PDMS micro lens and its use in optocapillary flow manipulation (Journal Article)

Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical, 227 , pp. 383-392, 2016.

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Chandra, N.H., Sekhar, A.S.

Fault detection in rotor bearing systems using time frequency techniques (Journal Article)

Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 72-73 , pp. 105-133, 2016.

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Nandakumar, P., Shankar, K.

Structural damage identification using transfer matrix with lumped crack properties (Journal Article)

Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, 24 (3), pp. 422-447, 2016.

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Meenia, S., Khan MD, F., Babu, S., Immanuel, R.J., Panigrahi, S.K., Janaki Ram, G.D.

Particle refinement and fine-grain formation leading to enhanced mechanical behaviour in a hypo-eutectic Al-Si alloy subjected to multi-pass friction stir processing (Journal Article)

Materials Characterization, 113 , pp. 134-143, 2016.

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Reddy, P.P., Ghosh, A.

Some critical issues in cryo-grinding by a vitrified bonded alumina wheel using liquid nitrogen jet (Journal Article)

Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 229 , pp. 329-337, 2016.

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Prakash, R.V., Arunkumar, S.

Influence of Friction on the Response of Small Punch Test (Journal Article)

Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, 69 (2), pp. 617-622, 2016.

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Saha, S.K., Sunden, B., Acharya, S., Das, P.K., Chakraborty, S., Balaji, C.

Guest Editorial (Journal Article)

Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, 8 (1), 2016.

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Venkatachari, A., Natarajan, S., Haboussi, M., Ganapathi, M.

Environmental effects on the free vibration of curvilinear fibre composite laminates with cutouts (Journal Article)

Composites Part B: Engineering, 88 , pp. 131-138, 2016.

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Prabakar, R.S., Sujatha, C., Narayanan, S.

Response of a half-car model with optimal magnetorheological damper parameters (Journal Article)

JVC/Journal of Vibration and Control, 22 (3), pp. 784-798, 2016.

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Rajagopal, M.C., Das, S.K.

Analyses of drag on viscoelastic liquid infused bio-inspired patterned surfaces (Journal Article)

Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 228 , pp. 17-30, 2016.

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Raj, A., Sen, A.K.

Flow-induced deformation of compliant microchannels and its effect on pressure–flow characteristics (Journal Article)

Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 20 (2), pp. 1-13, 2016.

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PadiyarM, J., Balasubramaniam, K.

Quantitative characterization of interface delamination in composite T-joint using couplant-free Lamb wave methods (Journal Article)

Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 35 (4), pp. 345-361, 2016.

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Marimuthu, P., Muthuveerappan, G.

Investigation of load carrying capacity of asymmetric high contact ratio spur gear based on load sharing using direct gear design approach (Journal Article)

Mechanism and Machine Theory, 96 , pp. 52-74, 2016.

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Marimuthu, P., Muthuveerappan, G.

Design of asymmetric normal contact ratio spur gear drive through direct design to enhance the load carrying capacity (Journal Article)

Mechanism and Machine Theory, 95 , pp. 22-34, 2016.

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Das, S.P., Srinivasan, U., Arakeri, J.H.

Instabilities in unsteady boundary layers with reverse flow (Journal Article)

European Journal of Mechanics, B/Fluids, 55 , pp. 49-62, 2016.

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Nithesh, K.G., Chatterjee, D., Oh, C., Lee, Y.-H.

Design and performance analysis of radial-inflow turboexpander for OTEC application (Journal Article)

Renewable Energy, 85 , pp. 834-843, 2016.

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Swaminathan, N., Balakrishnan, S., George, K.

Elasticity and size effects on the electrochemical response of a graphite, Li-Ion battery electrode particle (Journal Article)

Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 163 (3), pp. A488-A498, 2016.

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Yu, X., Manogharan, P., Fan, Z., Rajagopal, P.

Shear horizontal feature guided ultrasonic waves in plate structures with 90° transverse bends (Journal Article)

Ultrasonics, 65 , pp. 370-379, 2016.

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Srinath, R., Sarkar, A., Sekhar, A.S.

Instability of asymmetric shaft system (Journal Article)

Journal of Sound and Vibration, 362 , pp. 276-291, 2016.

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Kurian, R., Balaji, C., Venkateshan, S.P.

Experimental investigation of convective heat transfer in a vertical channel with brass wire mesh blocks (Journal Article)

International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 99 , pp. 170-179, 2016.

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Kalyan, C., Samuel, G.L.

Cutting mode analysis in high speed finish turning of AlMgSi alloy using edge chamfered PCD tools (Journal Article)

Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 216 , pp. 146-159, 2015.

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Aravinthan, M., Venkatesan, M., Das, S.K., Balakrishnan, A.R.

Experimental investigation of subcooled flow boiling in a minichannel (Journal Article)

Heat Transfer Engineering, 36 (4), pp. 408-417, 2015.

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Chintapalli, V.S.N.R., Padmanabhan, C.

Design relations and simplified reactance formulas for multi-orifice helmholtz resonators (Journal Article)

Acta Acustica united with Acustica, 101 (1), pp. 124-133, 2015.

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Thakare, D.R., Belanger, P., Rajagopal, P.

Effect of dimensional degradation on ultrasonic guided waves in bone system (Conference)

70 , 2015.

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Gantasala, S., Praveen Krishna, I.R., Sekhar, A.S.

Dynamic analysis of rotors supported on journal bearings by solving reynolds equation using pseudospectral method (Conference)

21 , 2015.

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Venkatraman, R., Sankaran, S., Krishnaiah, G., Malleswara Rao, P., Vivekanand, P.K., Sundararajan, T.

Understanding ignition over pressure during start up of typical scaled down solid rocket motors (Journal Article)

Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 8 (5), pp. 481-488, 2015.

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Konda Reddy, B., Balaji, C.

Bayesian estimation of heat flux and thermal diffusivity using liquid crystal thermography (Journal Article)

International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 87 , pp. 31-48, 2015.

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Ginoria, S., Samuel, G.L., Srinivasan, G.

Optimisation of a machine loading problem using a genetic algorithm-based heuristic (Journal Article)

International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management, 15 (1), pp. 36-56, 2015.

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Pathak, S.P., Velusamy, K., Rajan, K.K., Balaji, C.

Numerical and experimental investigations of heat removal performance of sodium-to-air heat exchanger used in fast reactors (Journal Article)

Heat Transfer Engineering, 36 (5), pp. 439-451, 2015.

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Dumpala, R., Chandran, M., Madhavan, S., Ramamoorthy, B., Rao, M.S.R.

High wear performance of the dual-layer graded composite diamond coated cutting tools (Journal Article)

International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, 48 , pp. 24-30, 2015.

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Vikram, T.S., Reddy, K.S.

Investigation of convective and radiative heat losses from modified cavity based solar dish steam generator using ANN (Journal Article)

International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 87 , pp. 19-30, 2015.

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Dhamanekar, A., Srinivasan, K.

Differentiation of impinging jet noise (Conference)


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Ramdhas, A., Pattanayak, R.K., Balasubramaniam, K., Rajagopal, P.

Symmetric low-frequency feature-guided ultrasonic waves in thin plates with transverse bends (Journal Article)

Ultrasonics, 56 , pp. 232-242, 2015.

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Shanmugamani, R., Sadique, M., Ramamoorthy, B.

Detection and classification of surface defects of gun barrels using computer vision and machine learning (Journal Article)

Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation, 60 , pp. 222-230, 2015.

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Srikanth, P., Sekhar, A.S.

Dynamic analysis of wind turbine drive train subjected to nonstationary wind load excitation (Journal Article)

Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 229 (3), pp. 429-446, 2015.

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Bhargav, V.N., Anerao, N., Srinivasan, K.

Noise source localization in Jets discharged by a Converging-Diverging Nozzle through NAH (Conference)


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Syamsundar, C., Chatterjee, D., Kamaraj, M., Maiti, A.K.

Erosion Characteristics of Nanoparticle-Reinforced Polyurethane Coatings on Stainless Steel Substrate (Journal Article)

Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 24 (4), pp. 1391-1405, 2015.

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Ashokkumar, R., Sankaran, S., Srinivasan, K., Sundararajan, T.

Effects of vacuum chamber and reverse flow on supersonic exhaust diffuser starting (Journal Article)

Journal of Propulsion and Power, 31 (2), pp. 750-754, 2015.

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Sudheesh, K., Mallikarjuna, J.M.

Diethyl ether as an ignition improver for acetylene-fuelled homogeneous charge compression ignition operation: an experimental investigation (Journal Article)

International Journal of Sustainable Energy, 34 (9), pp. 561-577, 2015.

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Chandran, D., Prasad, B.

Conjugate heat transfer study of combined impingement and showerhead film cooling near NGV leading edge (Journal Article)

International Journal of Rotating Machinery, 2015 , 2015.

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Micheli, L., Sarmah, N., Reddy, K.S., Luo, X., Mallick, T.K.

Design, development, and analysis of a densely packed 500x concentrating photovoltaic cell assembly on insulated metal substrate (Journal Article)

International Journal of Photoenergy, 2015 , 2015.

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Raja, M.G., Narayanan, S.

Vibration control of tensegrity structures using different active control strategies (Journal Article)

JVC/Journal of Vibration and Control, 21 (1), pp. 3-20, 2015.

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Sudevan, D., Prakash, R.V., Kamaraj, M.

Post-impact fatigue response of CFRP laminates under constant amplitude and programmed FALSTAFF spectrum loading (Conference)

101 (C), 2015.

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Ahamad, S.I., Balaji, C.

A simple thermal model for mixed convection from protruding heat sources (Journal Article)

Heat Transfer Engineering, 36 (4), pp. 396-407, 2015.

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Dathathri, S., Balaji, C.

Heat transfer and optimization studies on layered porous stackings under an imposed pressure drop (Journal Article)

International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 60 , pp. 32-36, 2015.

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Krishna, I.R.P., Padmanabhan, C.

Experimental and numerical investigation of impacting cantilever beams: Second mode response (Journal Article)

International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 92 , pp. 187-193, 2015.

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Arunachalam, N., Vijayaraghavan, L.

Assessment of grinding wheel conditioning process using machine vision (Conference)


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Ray, P., Manogharan, P., Srinivasan, B., Balasubramaniam, K., Rajagopal, P.

Novel method of defect identification in bent structures through feature-guided wave detection using fiber bragg grating sensors (Conference)

9634 , 2015.

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Guru, P.R., Khan MD, F., Panigrahi, S.K., Ram, G.D.J.

Enhancing strength, ductility and machinability of a Al-Si cast alloy by friction stir processing (Journal Article)

Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 18 , pp. 67-74, 2015.

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Revankar, S.T., Balaji, C.

Selected papers from the 21st national & 10th ISHMT-ASME heat and mass transfer conference (Journal Article)

Heat Transfer Engineering, 36 (4), pp. 333-334, 2015.

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Rajendra, M., Shankar, K.

Improved Complex-valued Radial Basis Function (ICRBF) neural networks on multiple crack identification (Journal Article)

Applied Soft Computing Journal, 28 , pp. 285-300, 2015.

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Kumar, K.T., Arunachalam, N., Vijayaraghavan, L.

Prognostics model for tool life prediction in milling using texture features of surface image data (Conference)


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Savithiri, S., Pattamatta, A., Das, S.K.

A single-component nonhomogeneous lattice boltzmann model for natural convection in Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>/water nanofluid (Journal Article)

Numerical Heat Transfer; Part A: Applications, 68 (10), pp. 1106-1124, 2015.

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Chandra Sekhar Reddy, M., Sekhar, A.S.

Detection and monitoring of coupling misalignment in rotors using torque measurements (Journal Article)

Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation, 61 , pp. 111-122, 2015.

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Amarnath, M., Sujatha, C.

Surface Contact Fatigue Failure Assessment in Spur Gears Using Lubricant Film Thickness and Vibration Signal Analysis (Journal Article)

Tribology Transactions, 58 (2), pp. 327-336, 2015.

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Veer, S., Sujatha, S.

Approximate spring balancing of linkages to reduce actuator requirements (Journal Article)

Mechanism and Machine Theory, 86 , pp. 108-124, 2015.

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Syamsundar, C., Chatterjee, D., Kamaraj, M.

Experimental Characterization of Silt Erosion of 16Cr–5Ni Steels and Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network (Journal Article)

Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, 68 (4), pp. 587-599, 2015.

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George, D., Anoop, R., Sen, A.K.

Elastocapillary powered manipulation of liquid plug in microchannels (Journal Article)

Applied Physics Letters, 107 (26), 2015.

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Chandran, P., Bakshi, S., Chatterjee, D.

Study on the characteristics of hydrogen bubble formation and its transport during electrolysis of water (Journal Article)

Chemical Engineering Science, 138 , pp. 99-109, 2015.

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Pradeep, V., Ramesh, A.

A novel twin injector strategy for direct cylinder barrel injection of LPG in a 2S-SI engine (Journal Article)

Fuel, 162 , pp. 128-137, 2015.

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Narasimhan, A., Sundarraj, C.

Convection-Enhanced Intravitreous Drug Delivery in Human Eye (Journal Article)

Journal of Heat Transfer, 137 (12), 2015.

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Sathish Kumar, K., Balasubramaniam, K.

Simulations and experiments for the detection of flow-assisted corrosion in pipes (Journal Article)

Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, Transactions of the ASME, 137 (6), 2015.

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Narasimhan, A., Joseph, A.

Porous Medium Modeling of Combined Effects of Cell Migration and Anisotropicity of Stratum Corneum on Transdermal Drug Delivery (Journal Article)

Journal of Heat Transfer, 137 (12), 2015.

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Sastry, M.R.C., Prasad, B.V.S.S.S., Gupta, A.V.S.S.K.S.

Experimental and computational study of fluid flow on a flat plate with three rectangular impinging slot jets (Journal Article)

Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials Sciences, 22 (6), pp. 631-640, 2015.

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Agrawal, N., Das, S.K.

Numerical Studies on Hydrogen Distribution in Enclosures in the Presence of Condensing Steam (Journal Article)

Journal of Heat Transfer, 137 (12), 2015.

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Maria, M.S., Kumar, B.S., Chandra, T.S., Sen, A.K.

Development of a microfluidic device for cell concentration and blood cell-plasma separation (Journal Article)

Biomedical Microdevices, 17 (6), pp. 1-19, 2015.

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Murugesan, N., Panda, T., Das, S.K.

E.coli DH5α cell response to a sudden change in microfluidic chemical environment (Conference)

2015-November , 2015.

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Reddy, K.S., Vikram, T.S., Veershetty, G.

Combined heat loss analysis of solar parabolic dish - Modified cavity receiver for superheated steam generation (Journal Article)

Solar Energy, 121 , pp. 78-93, 2015.

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Somasundaram, S., Anand, T.N.C., Bakshi, S.

Evaporation-induced flow around a pendant droplet and its influence on evaporation (Journal Article)

Physics of Fluids, 27 (11), 2015.

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Venkatachari, A., Natarajan, S., Ganapathi, M., Haboussi, M.

Mechanical buckling of curvilinear fibre composite laminate with material discontinuities and environmental effects (Journal Article)

Composite Structures, 131 , pp. 790-798, 2015.

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Periyannan, S., Balasubramaniam, K.

Simultaneous moduli measurement of elastic materials at elevated temperatures using an ultrasonic waveguide method (Journal Article)

Review of Scientific Instruments, 86 (11), 2015.

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Sahu, R.K., Hiremath, S.S., Manivannan, P.V.

Ultrasonic technique for concentration characterization of copper nanofluids synthesized using μ-EDM: A novel experimental approach (Journal Article)

Powder Technology, 284 , pp. 429-436, 2015.

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Srikanth, R., Nemani, P., Balaji, C.

Multi-objective geometric optimization of a PCM based matrix type composite heat sink (Journal Article)

Applied Energy, 156 , pp. 703-714, 2015.

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Jagadesh, T., Samuel, G.L.

Mechanistic and Finite Element Model for Prediction of Cutting Forces during Micro-Turning of Titanium Alloy (Journal Article)

Machining Science and Technology, 19 (4), pp. 593-629, 2015.

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Recklin, V., Pattamatta, A., Stephan, P.

Experimental investigation on the thermo-hydrodynamics of oscillatory meniscus in a capillary tube using FC-72 as working fluid (Journal Article)

International Journal of Multiphase Flow, 75 , pp. 82-87, 2015.

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Dhal, A., Panigrahi, S.K., Shunmugam, M.S.

Influence of annealing on stain hardening behaviour and fracture properties of a cryorolled Al 2014 alloy (Journal Article)

Materials Science and Engineering A, 645 , pp. 383-392, 2015.

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Alayil, R., Balaji, C.

Conjugate heat transfer in latent heat thermal storage system with cross plate fins (Journal Article)

Journal of Heat Transfer, 137 (10), 2015.

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Kumar, S.V., Vanajakshi, L.

Short-term traffic flow prediction using seasonal ARIMA model with limited input data (Journal Article)

European Transport Research Review, 7 (3), 2015.

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Nguyen-Hoang, S., Phung-van, P., Natarajan, S., Kim, H.-G.

A combined scheme of edge-based and node-based smoothed finite element methods for Reissner–Mindlin flat shells (Journal Article)

Engineering with Computers, 2015.

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Rajagopal, P., Pattanayak, R.K.

Ultrasonic guided waves in elliptical annular cylinders (Journal Article)

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 138 (3), pp. EL336-EL341, 2015.

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Manjunath, M., Raghavan, V., Mehta, P.S.

Vaporization characteristics of suspended droplets of biodiesel fuels of Indian origin and their diesel blends - An experimental study (Journal Article)

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 88 , pp. 28-41, 2015.

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Kondaiah, P., Shankar, K., Ganesan, N.

Pyroeffects on magneto-electro-elastic sensor bonded on mild steel cylindrical shell (Journal Article)

Smart Structures and Systems, 16 (3), pp. 537-554, 2015.

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Sankar, A., Natarajan, S., Zineb, T.B., Ganapathi, M.

Investigation of supersonic flutter of thick doubly curved sandwich panels with CNT reinforced facesheets using higher-order structural theory (Journal Article)

Composite Structures, 127 , pp. 340-355, 2015.

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Micheli, L., Reddy, K.S., Mallick, T.K.

General correlations among geometry, orientation and thermal performance of natural convective micro-finned heat sinks (Journal Article)

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 91 , pp. 711-724, 2015.

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Mohankumar, K.V., Kannan, K., Rajagopal, K.R.

Exact, approximate and numerical solutions for a variant of Stokes' first problem for a new class of non-linear fluids (Journal Article)

International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, 77 , pp. 41-50, 2015.

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Micheli, L., Senthilarasu, S., Reddy, K.S., Mallick, T.K.

Applicability of silicon micro-finned heat sinks for 500× concentrating photovoltaics systems (Journal Article)

Journal of Materials Science, 50 (16), pp. 5378-5388, 2015.

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Sivaraman, V., Vijayaraghavan, L., Sankaran, S.

Effect of microstructure on the surface finish during machining of V-microalloyed steel: Comparison between ferrite-bainite-martensite and ferrite-pearlite microstructures (Journal Article)

Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 229 (8), pp. 1463-1466, 2015.

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Boukelia, T.E., Mecibah, M.S., Kumar, B.N., Reddy, K.S.

Investigation of solar parabolic trough power plants with and without integrated TES (thermal energy storage) and FBS (fuel backup system) using thermic oil and solar salt (Journal Article)

Energy, 88 , pp. 292-303, 2015.

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Jithesh, P.K., Sundararajan, T., Das, S.K.

The effect of nonuniform under-rib convection on reactant and liquid water distribution in proton exchange membrane fuel cells (Journal Article)

Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology, 12 (4), 2015.

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Chaitanya Prasad, G.S., Suresh Kumar, C., Srinivasa Murthy, S., Venkatarathnam, G.

Performance of an organic Rankine cycle with multicomponent mixtures (Journal Article)

Energy, 88 , pp. 690-696, 2015.

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Kumar, C.P.S., Sujatha, C., Shankar, K.

Vibration of simply supported beams under a single moving load: A detailed study of cancellation phenomenon (Journal Article)

International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 99 , pp. 40-47, 2015.

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Anoop, R., Sen, A.K.

Capillary flow enhancement in rectangular polymer microchannels with a deformable wall (Journal Article)

Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 92 (1), 2015.

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Ahamad, S.I., Balaji, C.

Inverse conjugate mixed convection in a vertical substrate with protruding heat sources: a combined experimental and numerical study (Journal Article)

Heat and Mass Transfer/Waerme- und Stoffuebertragung, 2015.

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Dhal, A., Panigrahi, S.K., Shunmugam, M.S.

Precipitation phenomena, thermal stability and grain growth kinetics in an ultra-fine grained Al 2014 alloy after annealing treatment (Journal Article)

Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 649 , pp. 229-238, 2015.

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Arunachalam, A.P.S., Idapalapati, S., Subbiah, S.

Multi-criteria decision making techniques for compliant polishing tool selection (Journal Article)

International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 79 (1-4), pp. 519-530, 2015.

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Manogharan, P., Yu, X., Fan, Z., Rajagopal, P.

Interaction of shear horizontal bend (SH<inf>B</inf>) guided mode with defects (Journal Article)

NDT and E International, 75 , pp. 39-47, 2015.

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Sajeesh, P., Manasi, S., Doble, M., Sen, A.K.

A microfluidic device with focusing and spacing control for resistance-based sorting of droplets and cells (Journal Article)

Lab on a Chip - Miniaturisation for Chemistry and Biology, 15 (18), pp. 3738-3748, 2015.

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Pradeep, V., Bakshi, S., Ramesh, A.

Direct injection of gaseous LPG in a two-stroke SI engine for improved performance (Journal Article)

Applied Thermal Engineering, 89 , pp. 738-747, 2015.

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Pattamatta, A., Sielaff, A., Stephan, P.

A numerical study on the hydrodynamic and heat transfer characteristics of oscillating Taylor bubble in a capillary tube (Journal Article)

Applied Thermal Engineering, 89 , pp. 628-639, 2015.

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Immanuel, R.J., Panigrahi, S.K.

Influence of cryorolling on microstructure and mechanical properties of a cast hypoeutectic Al-Si alloy (Journal Article)

Materials Science and Engineering A, 640 , pp. 424-435, 2015.

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