Dr. Srikrishna Sahu

SahuAssociate Professor

Office Room No : 206A, Thermodynamics & Combustion Engineering Lab
Tel: (O) : +91 44 2257 4713
Email : ssahu@iitm.ac.in
Personal webpage:


Dr. Srikrishna Sahu received his PhD from Imperial College London, UK in 2011. He worked as Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Imperial College for two years from 2011 to 2013 before joining IIT Madras.

His research interest includes development and application of different optical diagnostics in Fluid Mechanics and Combustion studies. He works on spray dynamics, particle-turbulence interaction, liquid atomization, image processing, droplet evaporation and combustion.

Awards & Honors

  1. Katopodis Prize for the best Thermofluids PhD Thesis, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London, 2012.
  2. Silver Medal in the prestigious 5th ERCOFTAC Da Vinci Award, an European wide completion held at Lisbon, Portugal in 2010.
  3. Gold Medal in the prestigious 8th Osborne Reynolds Research Student Award, a national level competition in UK held at Cranfield University in 2010.


Selected Publications

  1. Charalambides AG, Sahu S, Hardalupas Y, Taylor A., Urata Y, “Evaluation of Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) autoignition development through chemiluminescence imaging and Proper Orthogonal Decomposition”, Applied Energy, 210: 288-302 (2018)
  2. Sahu S, Hardalupas Y, Taylor A., “Droplet–turbulence interaction in a confined polydispersed spray: effect of turbulence on droplet dispersion”, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 794: 267- 309 (2016)
  3. Sahu S, Hardalupas Y, Taylor A., “Droplet–turbulence interaction in a confined polydispersed spray: effect of droplet size and flow length scales on spatial droplet–gas velocity correlations”, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 741: 98- 138 (2014)
  4. Sahu S, Hardalupas Y, Taylor A., “Simultaneous droplet and vapour-phase measurements in an evaporative spray by combined ILIDS and PLIF techniques”, Experiments in Fluids, 55:1673 (2014)
  5. Hardalupas Y, Sahu S, Taylor A and Zarogoulidis K., “Simultaneous planar measurement of droplet velocity and size with gas phase velocities in a spray by combined ILIDS and PIV techniques”, Experiments in Fluids, 49:417–434 (2010)