Dr. Soundarapandian, S.

sspandianAssistant Professor

Office Room No : 102, Manufacturing Engineering Section
Tel: (O) : +91 44 2257 4718
Email : sspandian@iitm.ac.in
Personal webpage: https://home.iitm.ac.in/sspandian


Dr. Soundarapandian did his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering (2010), Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas, TX, USA; Postdoctoral research fellow in design of advanced materials and rapid manufacturing technologies (2011), SMU; and Postdoctoral research fellow in laser based surface engineering for advanced materials and next generation biomaterials (2012), University of North Texas (UNT), Denton, TX, USA.

His research focuses on synthesis and characterization of structural materials, laser-aided surface engineering, computational modeling, real-time data acquisition and control system for manufacturing processes, fabrication of next generation bioimplants, and laser applications in medical industry. He led various NSF (National Science Foundation) and industrially-funded research projects, and international university collaborative research programs. He has written a book chapter in “Laser Surface Hardening” for ASM handbook, and published numerous papers in journals and conferences. He is member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST), and American Ceramic Society (ACerS). He serves as reviewer of Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, Surface and Coatings Technology, American Welding Society, and Annals of Biomedical Engineering.


Selected Publications

  1. L. Huang, S. Goddard, S. Soundarapandian, Y. Cao, N. Dahotre, W. He., “MC3T3-E1 Osteoblast Adhesion to Laser Induced Calcium Phosphate Coating on Ti Alloy”, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, 1 (2): 71-83 (2014)
  2. S. Katakam, V. Kumar, S. Santhanakrishnan, R. Rajamure, P. Samimi, N. Dahotre, “Laser assisted Fe-based bulk amorphous coating: Thermal effects and corrosion”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 604: 266-272 (2014)
  3. S. Santhanakrishnan, N. Kumar, N. Dendge, D. Choudhuri, S. Katakam, S. Palanivel, H.D. Vora, R. Banerjee, R.S. Mishra, N. Dahotre., “Macro- and Microstructural Studies of Laser-Processed WE43 (Mg-Y-Nd) Magnesium Alloy”, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, 44 B: 1190- 200 (2013)
  4. S. Katakam, N. Asiamah, S. Santhanakrishnan, N. Dahotre, “Laser in-situ synthesis of TiB2-Al composite coating for improved wear performance”, Surface & Coatings Technology, 236: 200-206 (2013)
  5. F. Kong, S. Santhanakrishnan, R. Kovacevic, “Numerical modeling and experimental study of thermally induced residual stress in the direct diode laser heat treatment of dual-pahse 980 steel”, Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 68: 2419-2430 (2013)