Dr. Narasimhan Swaminathan


Office Room No : 206, Machine Design Section
Tel: (O) : +91 44 2257 4743
Email : n.swaminathan@iitm.ac.in
Personal webpage: https://home.iitm.ac.in/n.swaminathan


Dr. Narasimhan Swaminathan received his PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA in 2009. He worked as Post Doctoral Research Research Associate at The Universtiy of Wisocnsin Madison, USA for three years from 2009 to 2012 before joining IIT Madras.

His research interest includes multiscale modeling of complex phenomenon in a wide range of materials. He works on materials for energy applications such as nuclear materials, Li-ion batteries and solid oxide fuel cells. He also conducts atomistic simulations to understand the interface properties between polymers and other materials.

Selected Publications

  1. N. Swaminathan, M. Wojdyr, D. Morgan and I. Szlufarska, Radiation interaction with tilt grain boundaries in -SiC, Journal of Applied Physics, 111, 5, pp. 054918-054918 (2012)
  2. N. Swaminathan, D. Morgan and I. Szlufarska, The role of recombination kinetics and grain size on radiation induced amorphization, Physical Review B, 86, 214110 (2013)
  3. M. J. Zheng, N. Swaminathan, D. Morgan and I. Szlufarska, Energy barriers for point defect reactions in 3C-SiC, Physical Review B, 88, 5, 054105 (2013)