Dr. Mayuram, M. M.



Dr. M.M. Mayuram has earned his M.S and Ph.D degrees from IIT Madras in 1978 and 1985. He teaches undergraduate and post-graduate courses like Materials and Design, Design of Machine Elements, Failure Analysis and Design, Tribology in Design. He has guided over 20 research scholars at M.S and Ph.D levels and published over 100 papers in journals such as ASME Journal of Tribology, Int J of Solids and Structures, Surface Science and Engineering, Wear, Materials Letters, Tribology International. etc.,

His research interests are Surface Engineering, especially wear and wear control, thermal sprayed coatings. tribology, and failure analysis.

Selected Publications

  1. Megalingam, A., and M. M. Mayuram, (2014), “A Comprehensive Elastic-Plastic Single-Asperity Contact Model” Tribology Transactions, 57-2, pp 324-335.
  2. Megalingam, A., and M. M. Mayuram, (2013), “A finite element method based contact analysis of Gaussian and non Gaussian. Int. Jl of Computational Materials and Surface Engineering. 5 (2) pp 102-130.
  3. Megalingam, A., and M. M. Mayuram, (2012), “Comparative contact analysis study of finite element method based deterministic, simplified multi asperity and modified statistical contact models,” ASME Journal of Tribology, 134, 014503,pp.1-6.
  4. M.M.Mayuram (2012) “A FEM Based Elasto-Plastic Contact Model and Some Aspects on the Indentation response’” Materials Science and Technology, 2012 Special issue