Job Openings


The department encourages prospective faculty candidates to visit the department and give a research seminar to initiate a dialogue with the faculty of the department. Prospective applicants may contact members of the search committee through email.

Members of the Search Committee (append after iitm in the email address below)

Prof. R. Gnanamoorthy (email: gmoorthy@iitm)

Prof. A. Ramesh (email: aramesh@iitm)

Prof. G. L. Samuel (samuelgl@iitm)


IIT Madras has several open post doctoral positions. Highly motivated candidates may identify a faculty mentor from the department ( based on their area of research and directly contact the faculty for further discussion. Please read through the below information for more details

IIT Madras also has special fellowships meant for women applicants with a break in career. The details may be found at the below links.



Information about the application process will be updated here around February 2018.