MS/PHD Admissions Jan-May 2022


M.S. / Ph.D. Admissions (January – May 2022) – General Information:


  • Thank for your interest in starting your research career with us. Please read the instructions below for further details. All the candidates who have applied through the IITM research portal until 8th November 2021 @ 5 P.M. for admission to the MS / Ph.D. / Direct Ph.D. program have been considered for this round of selection.

  • The application numbers of the shortlisted candidates are announced in this webpage. Please click on the below link to see if you have been shortlisted.


January-May 2022 M.S. & Ph.D. Admission:

PLEASE CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK FOR ONLY PHD CANDIDATES INTERVIEW DATES (Latest updated shorlisted candidates list @ 9:00 am. 27th November, 2021. Regarding interview schedule date, time and google meet link will send you soon from the (email). )

PLEASE CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK FOR ONLY MS CANDIDATES INTERVIEW DATES (Latest updated shorlisted candidates list @ 2:30 pm. 25th November, 2021)


  • Individual call letter will be emailed to the shortlisted candidates to their emails registered in the application. Detailed instructions are provided in the call letter.

  • Please check the department webpage for any other information in connection with the MS and PhD Admissions.

  • Please read admissions brochure and other instructions in the website for any other information and documents which need to be submitted.

Preliminary Shortlisting:

  • Preliminary shortlisting has been done based on the marks (UG/PG/GATE as applicable) as declared by the candidate in the application. The shortlisting criteria based on marks is as given below. The experience and other requirements will be applicable as in the admissions brochure.

  • If you meet the shortlisting criteria shown below, you should receive an email from the Office of the Department of Mechanical Engineering ( by 21st November 2021 (Friday). If you meet the criteria but did not receive an email, please contact the ME office ( Please mention “Admissions” and your Application number in the subject line of any mail you send to the ME office

  • As instructed in the call letter (sent by email), shortlisted candidates who intend to appear for the interview must fill the google form (link will be given in the call-letter email).

Instructions for attending online interviews:

  • The interviews for M.S./Ph.D. admissions will be conducted online only.

  • Shortlisted candidates will receive an interview call letter via email soon..

  • Ph.D. interviews dates: 30th November – 1st December, 2021 .

  • M.S. interviews dates: 2nd December, 2021 .

  • The cut-off marks used to shortlist candidates can be found below:

  • To attend the interview online.
    • You must be located in a well-lit space with minimum noise so that there is seamless communication between the interview committee and yourself
    • You must have
      • reliable internet connectivity and power
      • working laptop/desktop computer with audio and video (Camera) facilities or a smart phone with audio and video (Camera) facilities
      • your camera must be switched ON and you must be visible to the committee members throughout the interview
      • a phone/smartphone at which we can contact you
      • If you plan to use your cell phone internet connection or cell phone to attend the interview, it is preferable that a different phone/smartphone be used for attending the calls you will receive from our end so that the interview is not disturbed
      • You must be familiar with using Google meet
      • It is preferable that you have an earphone set that has a mic.
      • Please have a white paper and a BLACK FELT pen to write and show on your camera

  • A google form link will be provided in the call letter. In this form, please indicate whether you will attend the interview or not and other details as requested. Submitting this form ON TIME is mandatory for those who want to be called for the interview

  • The exact interview dates will be intimated in this website only to those who filled the forms.
    • The interviews are an examination. The dates sent to you are final and we are unable to accommodate any change in dates/times. If due to health reasons you are unable to attend the interviews, you may please apply again in the next admission cycle. We have two admission cycles in a year.
    • If there is a change in the schedule due to unforeseen circumstances, you will receive an email confirming the same from the department.
    • You must be available to attend the interview throughout the day.
    • A volunteer will call you on the day of the interview to pass on the google meet link so that you can attend the interview.

  • Please check this website periodically for any intimation.

  • During the interview, you must show the following documents:
    • A government issued photo identification
    • A copy of the application form which was submitted
      The interviews cannot be conducted without these documents


Criteria for shortlisting: January 2022


Converting from CGPA to Equivalent % Marks
The numbers in the tables below are Equivalent % marks (for UG, PG). In case your university/college reports CGPAs, then apply the following steps to convert it to Equivalent % marks.

  1. Calculate your equivalent CGPA out of 10
  2. Convert to % Marks using the formula: % Marks = [CGPA out of 10 ] x 10.

For example: If your university calculates your CGPA out of 4, and your CGPA is 3 then your CGPA out of 10 is 7.5. Your mark in % is [7.5] x 10 = 75%
Shortlisting criteria for PhD
HTRA / NHTRA (Regular)

General UG > 81% & PG > 83%.
For candidates with PG from a CFTI, PG > 81% is applied.
OBC-NCL UG > 78% & PG > 80%.
For candidates with PG from a CFTI, PG > 78% is applied.
EWS UG > 75% & PG > 78%.
For candidates with PG from a CFTI, PG > 75% is applied.
SC/ST/PwD UG > 69% & PG > 72%.
For candidates with PG from a CFTI, PG > 69% is applied.

External / Part-time / Sponsored:

Experience requirements as given in the admission brochure. The candidates must have 2 years experience.


General UG > 75% & PG > 78%.
For candidates with PG from a CFTI, PG > 75% is applied.
OBC-NCL UG > 71% & PG > 72%.
For candidates with PG from a CFTI, PG > 71% is applied.
EWS UG > 70% & PG > 71%.
For candidates with PG from a CFTI, PG > 70% is applied.
SC/ST/PwD UG > 67% & PG > 68%.
For candidates with PG from a CFTI, PG > 66% is applied.


Experience requirement must be as mentioned in the admissions brochure. A certificate from the Project Coordinator as per Appendix 5 of the Admission Brochure should be submitted at the time of scrutiny.


General UG > 67% & PG > 79%.
For candidates with PG from an CFTI, PG > 76% is applied.
OBC-NCL UG > 65% & PG > 77%.
For candidates with PG from an CFTI, PG > 72% is applied.
EWS UG > 64% & PG > 76%.
For candidates with PG from an CFTI, PG > 71% 60% is applied.
SC/ST/PwD UG > 63% & PG > 72%.
For candidates with PG from an CFTI, PG > 68% is applied

Shortlisting criteria for Direct PhD


UG > 83 % and GATE > 650 UG > 80 % and GATE > 575 UG > 78 % and GATE > 550 UG > 72 % and GATE > 400

*For candidates with UG from a CFTI, GATE score is not mandatory.

Shortlisting criteria for MS


UG > 76% and GATE > 615 UG > 73% and GATE > 550 UG > 70% and GATE > 550 UG > 63% and GATE > 390

*For NHTRA, GATE score is not mandatory

External / Part-time / Staff

UG > 73% UG > 68% UG > 67% UG > 60%



Experience must be as required by the admissions brochure

UG > 72 % UG > 68% UG > 67% UG > 60%


Any queries related to MS/PhD admissions, Please contact: 044 2257 5694