MS and Ph.D Admission Jan-May_2020


M.S. / Ph.D. Admissions (Jan – May_2020) – General Information:

Jan-May_2020 MS & PhD Results:

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    • Thank for your interest in starting your research career with us. Please read the instructions below for further details. All the candidates who applied through the IITM research portal until 31st October 2019 for admission in the MS / Ph.D. / Direct Ph.D. program have been considered for this round of selection.


    • The names of the shortlisted candidates is announced in this webpage. Individual call letter will be emailed to the shortlisted candidates to their emails registered in the application. Detailed instructions are provided in the call letter.


  • The candidates should continuously monitor the department webpage for any other information in connection with the MS and Ph.D Admission.


Preliminary Shortlisting:

    • Preliminary shortlisting has been done based on the marks (UG/PG/Gate as applicable) declared by the candidate in the application. Scrutiny of the original documents of the candidates will be done in presence of the candidates on the date of the interview. Based on the scrutiny, if a candidate is found not satisfying any other shortlisting criteria (in terms of marks and/or experience as may be applicable) then the candidature will be cancelled. The shortlisting criteria based on marks is as given below. The experience and/or other requirements will be enforced as given in the admissions brochure.


    • If you meet these criteria, you should receive an email from the Office of the Department of Mechanical Engineering ( by Monday (15th November 2019). If you meet the criteria, but did not receive an email, please contact the ME office ( Please mention “Admissions” and your application number in the subject line of any mail you send to the ME office.


  • As instructed in the call letter (sent by email), shortlisted candidates who intend to appear for the interview are required to fill the google form (link given in the call-letter email).


Common Instructions:

  • Candidates called for the interview should bring with them a printed copy of the application submitted online. They should also bring originals and photocopies of the relevant certificates. Candidates are encouraged to bring their Bachelors and Masters Project reports/Theses. A check list of documents required at the time of interview is given below. In absence of any of these documents (in original and one duplicate copy) the candidature will stand cancelled.


Check List while coming for written test:

Original documents to be submitted for verification at the time of interview. Please bring one photocopy of each of these documents. In absence of any of these documents (original and photocopy) the candidature is liable to be cancelled.

    1. Printed copy of the application mailed to the candidates after online registration.


    1. All the semesters Mark sheet/grade card / provisional /degree certificates beginning from first degree towards proof of qualification.


    1. Community Certificate in the case of SC/ST/OBC-NCL candidates issued by the respective State Government.


    1. The candidates claiming for EWS (Economically Weaker sections) reservation should submit valid certificate issued by the concerned authority.


    1. Authorized Doctor’s Certificate with disability descriptions is required for Persons with Disability (PwD).


    1. Copy of GATE score or UGC -JRF/NET/CSIR/ DAE-JEST or other fellowship award.


    1. Project Co-ordinator’s certificate in the prescribed format (Click here to download Appendix-5) and a copy of project appointment letter from Dean IC & SR of IITM in the case of Project Candidates. The candidature will be cancelled, in absence of this document at the time of scrutiny on the interview day.


    1. For External/ Part-time candidates, certificate in the prescribed format should be submitted (Click here to download Appendix-6).  Candidature will be cancelled in absence of this document. External/Part-time candidates must have contacted faculty of the department of mechanical engineering at IIT Madras with overlapping research interests and know who is willing to guide them if they are selected.


    1. External/ Part-time candidates for M.S/Ph.D/ Direct Ph.D are required to have 2 years experience. The candidate must show the proof of experience at the time of interview, failing which the candidature will be cancelled.


  1. For claiming the TA, the candidates shortlisted for Ph.D should submit a copy of the travel ticket.


Criteria for shortlisting: January 2020


Converting from CGPA to Equivalent % Marks

The tables below use Equivalent % marks. In case your university/college reports CGPAs apply the following steps

    1. Calculate your equivalent CGPA out of 10


  1. Convert to % Marks using the formula: % Marks=[CGPA out of 10 – 6]*10 + 55


Example: If your university calculates your CGPA out of 4, and your CGPA is 3 then

    1. Your CGPA out of 10 is 7.5.


  1. Your marks are [7.5-6]*10 + 55 = 70%


In all of the following tables UG refers to marks in undergraduate degree in percentage and PG refers to marks in Post graduate degree in percentage. PG-CFTI is the cut-off mark for candidates with a post graduate degree from Centrally Funded Technical Institute.

Please see above to convert CGPA into percentage marks.



Regular PhD [Full time HTRA and Full time NHTRA]

Category UG PG PG-CFTI*
General >79 >80 >78
OBC-NCL >77 >79 >77
EWS >73 >76 >74
SC/ST/PwD >64 >69 >68


External & Part time candidates**

Category UG PG PG-CFTI*
General >67 >71 >69
OBC-NCL >63 >65 >64
EWS >63 >65 >64
SC/ST/PwD >60 >61 >59


Project candidates***

Category UG PG PG-CFTI*
General >66 >78 >75
OBC-NCL >63 >76 >70
SC/ST/PwD >60 >70 >67
    • Note:* For candidates with PG from Centrally Funded Technical Institute, only PG > PGCFTI is used to shortlist.


    • Note:** External, Part-time candidates must also have 2 years of work experience in addition to marks criteria.


  • Note:*** Project candidates must provide a certificate from the project co-ordinator from IIT Madras, ME department and also have 2 years of work experience.


Category UG GATE*
General >83 >650
OBC-NCL >80 >575
EWS >77 >550
SC/ST/PwD >69 >400

*For candidates with UG from Centrally Funded Technical Institute, GATE score is not mandatory

Regular MS [Full time HTRA ]

Category UG GATE
General >71 >610
OBC-NCL >69 >560
EWS >67 >550
SC/ST/PwD >55 >350


Regular MS [Full time NHTRA ]

Category UG
General >71
EwS >65
SC/ST/PwD >55


MS External/Part time*

Category UG
General >70
EwS >65
SC/ST/PwD >55

Note: *External, Part time candidates require 2 years of work experience.


MS Project**

Category UG
General >65
EwS >62
SC/ST/PwD >55

Note: **Project candidates require 6 months of work experience in a project at IITM with a faculty in the department of Mechanical Engineering as a guide or co-guide.