Our undergraduate courses offer a unique blend of rigour, creativity and practicality. The underlying science is taught by experts at the leading edge of international research.

The students are admitted through JEE. For a general introduction to our 4-year undergraduate programs, please look through our online prospectus and the student handbook for current undergraduates available at: https://mitr.iitm.ac.in/main/index.php/downloads.

The Ordinances and Regulations for the B.Tech & B.Tech (Honours) program may be obtained from the following link: B.Tech & B.Tech (Honours) Ordinances and Regulations

Undergraduate study: The course list is given for all four years for the batch joined in 2014 can be found at the following link: Curriculum

Undergraduate projects: In order to develop an appreciation of research and the environment within which it takes place, the final year undergraduate students are encouraged to undertake either 6 months or 1 year BTech Project (BTP) under guidance of faculty. They can also opt for 3 months mini-BTP.

Industrial training: Mechanical Engineers require two months of monitored industrial training, in addition to their four years of academic study, before they can become Professional Engineers. The Industrial Training is organized during summer vacation at the end 3rd and 5th semester. We provide a sponsorship list of companies who offer industrial training.

Curriculum for B.Tech 2015 batch

L: Lecture; T: Tutorial; E: Extended Tutorial; P: Laboratory; O: Outside class hours; C: Credits;
Cat: Category (S: Basic Sciences, E = Basic Engineering; H = Humanities; P = Professional)
Course #Course NameLTEPOTHCCategory
Semester 1
MA1010Functions of Several Variables310061010S
PH1010Physics. 1310061010S
CS1100Introduction to Programming300361212E
PH1030Physics Lab0004044S
CY1002Chemistry Lab0003033S
Life Skills0000330
Semester 1 : Total5449
WS1010Workshop I0003033E
Semester 2
MA1020Series and Matrices310061010S
PH 1020Physics. 2310061010S
AM1100Engineering Mechanics310061010E
HSHumanities Elective-13000699H
ME1120Engineering Drawing1003377E
Semester 2 : Total5956
WS1020Workshop II0003033E
Semester 3
MA2020Differential Equations3000699S
AM2200Strength of Materials310061010P
AM2530Foundations of Fluid Mechanics310061010P
EE1100Basic Electrical Engineering310061010E
AM2540Applied Mechanics/Fluid Mechanics Lab0003033P
ME2220Kinematics & Dynamics of Machinery310061010P
Semester 3 : Total5252
Semester 4
MAMaths Elective3000699S
ME2260Materials & Design310061010P
ME2XXXApplied Thermal Engineering310061010P
ME2XXXManufacturing Processes310061010P
ME2XXXMeasurements and Instrumentation300261111P
HSHumanities Elective-23000699H
Semester 4 : Total5959
Semester 5
ME3170Heat Transfer310061010P
ME3XXXEnergy Conversion System310061010P
ME3XXXManufacturing Technology310061010P
ME3350Design of Machine Elements310061010P
Free Elective 13000699
ME3XXXMachine Drawing Practice1003377P
ME3270ME Lab-10003033P
Semester 5 : Total5959
Semester 6
MEProfessional Elective -13000699P
Free Elective 23000699
Free Elective 33000699
BT1010Life Sciences3000699S
ME3XXXAutomation in Manufacturing310061010P
ME3280ME Lab-20003033P
ME3300ME Lab-30003033P
MEHonours Elective 13000699
Semester 6 : Total5252
Semester 7
MEProfessional Elective -23000699P
MEProfessional Elective -33000699P
Professional Elective -4/Free Elective 43000699P
Professional Elective -5/Free Elective 53000699P
Professional Elective -6/Free Elective 63000699P
HSHumanities Elective-33000699H
Professional Ethics0000220
MEHonours Elective 23000699
Semester 7 : Total5654
Semester 8
Free Elective 4/Professional Elective -4/Project3000699
Free Elective 5/Professional Elective -5/Project3000699
Free Elective 6/Professional Elective -6/Project3000699
Free Elective 73000699
Free Elective 83000699
Ecology & Environment0000220
Honours Elective 33000699
Semester 8 : Total4745