Thermal Engineering

Curriculum for M.Tech in Thermal Engineering

S.NoCourse NoCourse NameNew Credit System      
LectureTutorialExtended TutorialAfternoon Lab SessionTime to be spent outside of classTotal Time Commitment per Week in Credit-hoursCredits in new system
1ME 5101Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer310061010
2ME 5103Incompressible Fluid Flow3000699
3ME 5105Applied Thermodynamics3000699
4ME 5107Numerical Methods in Thermal Engineering200351010
5ME 5109Measurements in Thermal Engineering200351010
Semester Total Credits :4848
1Professional Elective I3000699
2Professional Elective II3000699
3Profesional Elective III3000699
4Professional Elective IV3000699
5Professional Free Elective 3000699
6ME 5180Thermal Engineering Lab0003033
Semester Total Credits :4848
Summer after 2nd Semester
ME6490*Project Phase I0000404020
ME6490*Project Phase II0000353535
Semester Total Credits:55
ME6490Project Phase III0000404040
Semester Total Credits :40
* Grade assigned in fourth semester
1ME5520Explosion and Safety300069
2ME5530Thermofluid dynamics of climate300069
3ME5550Flow and Thermal Instabilities300069
4ME5560Heat and Mass Transfer in Biological Systems300069
5ME5570Jetflow & Acoustics300069
6ME6001Theory of Fire Propagation300069
7ME6002Turbomachinery Noise and Control300069
8ME6060Fundamentals of Combustion300069
9ME6100Rocket technology300069
10ME6110Combustion technology300069
11ME6120Air-breathing engines300069
12ME6130Transport Phenomena300069
13ME6180Energy and Environment300069
14ME6200Conduction & Radiation300069
15ME6220Heat exchanger design300069
16ME6230Convection and two-phase flow300069
17ME6250Heat Transfer in Energy Systems300069
18ME6270Design of Power Plant Systems300069
19ME6280Design and Optimization of Energy Systems300069
20ME6300Design of hydro-turbines300069
21ME6310Design of pumps300069
22ME6320Pump Application Engg.300069
24ME6340Vortex Element Methods300069
25ME6350Mechanical Design of Hydroturbomachines300069
26ME6360Standards in Hydroturbomachines300069
27ME6370Experimental Methods in Hydroturbomachines300069
28ME6380Design of Turbomachines300069
29ME6390Micro Hydro Power300069
30ME6400Design of combustion engines300069
31ME6410Two Stroke Engines300069
32ME6420Simulation of IC Engines Processes300069
33ME6430Engine systems and performance300069
34ME6440Alternative Fuels300069
35ME6450Gas Turbines300069
36ME6460CFD and Its Applications to Engine Processes300069
37ME6470Engine Instrumentation & Electronic Management300069
38ME6480Transport Processes in Engines300069
39ME6490Laser Diagnostics in Engines300069
40ME6500Airconditioning and ventilation300069
41ME6510Refrigeration machinery and components300069
42ME6520Sorption refrigeration and heating systems300069
43ME6530HVAC Systems and Applications300069
44ME6540Food Processing, Storage and Transport300069
45ME6550Vacuum Engineering300069
46ME6560Advanced Cryogenic Systems300069
47ME6570Thermal Energy Conservation300069
48ME6580Utilization of Solar Energy300069
49ME6590Renewable Energy Technology300069
50ME6600Aerodynamic Design of Axial Compressors and Turbines300069
51ME6610Theory of steam and gas turbines300069
52ME6620Theory and design of centrifugal m/c300069
53ME6630Theory of axial compressors300069
54ME6640Advanced Topics in Turbomachinery300069
55ME6650Computational Fluid Dynamics of Turbomachinery300069
56ME6660Fans, Blowers and Compressors300069
57ME6670Gas Turbine Engineering300069
58ME6680Measurement Techniques in Thermal Turbomachines300069
59ME6690Compact Heat Exchangers300069
60ME6910Diagnostic Methods in Combustion Systems300069
61ME6920Performance Analysis of Hydroturbomachines300069
62ME6930Engine Tribology300069
63ME6940Engine Noise and Vibrations300069
64ME7270Microscale Fluid Flow and Machinery300069
65ME7770Theory & Tech. of Fuel Cells300069
66ME7790Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media300069