Manufacturing and Precision Engineering

Curriculum for M.Tech in Manufacturing and Precision Engineering

S.NoCourse NoCourse NameNew Credit System      
LectureTutorialExtended TutorialAfternoon Lab SessionTime to be spent outside of classTotal Time Commitment per Week in Credit-hoursCredits in new system
1ME5301Advanced Materials and Processing3000699
2ME5201Computational Methods in Engineering310061010
3ME5303Computer Aided Design in Manufacturing3000699
4ME5305Computer Numerical Control and Adaptive Control3000699
5Professional Elective I3000699
6ME5381Basic Manufacturing Laboratory0004044
Semester Credits :50
1ME5300Metrology and Computer Aided Inspection3000699
2ME5302Sensors for Intelligent Manufacturing and Condition Monitoring3000699
3Professional Elective II3000699
4Professional Elective III3000699
5Professional Elective IV3000699
6ME5380Manufacturing and Precision Engineering Laboratory0004044
Semester Credits :49
Summer after 2nd Semester
1ME6490*Project Phase I0000404020
2ME6490*Project Phase II0000353535
Semester Credits :55
1ME6490Project Phase III0000404040
Semester Credits :4040
* Grade assigned in fourth semester
Professional Elective in Odd Semester
1ME4323Unconventional Manufacturing Techniques
2ME5321Prognostics and Health Management of Machine Tools
3ME5323Microprocessors in Automation
4ME6321Robotics and Robot Applications
5ME6331Treatment of Material
6ME6333Metal Removal Processes
7ME6343Oil Hydraulics & Pneumatic Systems
8ME6345Solid Freeform Manufacturing
Professional Elective in Even Semester
1ME6320Micro Manufacturing Technology
2ME6324Artificial Intelligence in Mfg.
3ME6326Machine Vision & its Applns.
4ME6332Mechatronic Systems
5ME6334Advanced Sheet Metal Forming