Mechanical Design

Curriculum for M.Tech in Mechanical Design

S.NoCourse NoCourse NameNew Credit System      
LectureTutorialExtended TutorialAfternoon Lab SessionTime to be spent outside of classTotal Time Commitment per Week in Credit-hoursCredits in new system
1ME5201Computational Methods in Engineering310061010
2ME5203Advanced Mechanics of Solids3000699
3ME5205Theory of Vibration3000699
4ME5207Design with Advanced Engineering Materials3000699
5Professional Elective I3000699
6ME5281Mechanical Design Laboratory0003033
Semester Credits49
Note1: Students must register for at least three out of the four electives during the second semesterNote2: The students can opt to do Professional Elective I in the third semester
1ME5204Finite Element Analysis3000699
2ME5280Design Practice with CAD Tools1003266
4Professional Elective II3000699
5Professional Elective III3000699
6Professional Elective IV3000699
7Professional Free Elective3000699
Semester Credits:51
Summer after 2nd Semester
ME6490*Project Phase I0000404020
3ME6490*Project Phase II0000353535
Semester Credits:55
1ME6490Project Phase III0000404040
Semester Credits:40
* Grade assigned in fourth semester
CT7000Composite Materials Science300069
CT7120Modeling and Equipment Des for Comp Proc300069
ID5020Multi-body Dynamics and Applications300069
ID6010Constitutive Modeling in Continuum Mechanics300069
ID7010Advanced Finite Element Analysis300069
ME6750Gear Design300069
ME6760Design of Mechanical Transmission Elements300069
ME6770Design of Pressure vessels and Piping300069
ME6780Design Synthesis300069
ME6810Transmission Mechanisms and Manipulators300069
ME6840Design for Manufacture and Assembly300069
ME6850Product Reliability300069
ME6870CAD/CAM for product design300069
ME7020Robotics and Robot applications300069
ME7120Sensors for Intelligent Manufacturing and Condition Monitoring300069
ME7300Friction and Wear in Machinery300069
ME7400Mechatronic Systems300069
ME7430Oil Hydraulics and Pneumatic Systems300069
ME7470Industrial Instrumentation300069
ME7500Measurement Systems300069
ME7640Tribo Design and Analysis300069
ME7660Nonlinear Solid Mechanics300069
ME7680Optimization Methods for Mechanical Design300069
ME7710Advanced Vibration and Acoustics300069
ME7740Structural Health and Integrity Monitoring300069
ME7820Rotor Dynamics300069
ME7830Random Vibrations300069
ME7840Signal Processing in Mechanical systems300069
ME7850Modal Analysis of Mechanical systems300069
ME7870Diagnostic Maintenance300069
ME7880Vehicular Vibration300069
ME7890Advanced Applied Finite Element300069
ME7910Acoustics and Noise Control300069
ME7920Applied Finite Element300069
ME7930Chaotic Vibrations300069
ME 7190Introduction to Fracture Mechanics300069
ME6012Mechanics of Human Movement300069
ME6710Theory of Mechanisms300069
ME6720Failure Analysis and Design300069
ME6016Mechanics of Thin Films for Microsystem Design300069
ME6003Variational Principles in Mechanics300069
ME6820Fundamentals of Engineering Design300069
ME6015Elastic waves and ultrasonics300069
ID6070Mechanics of Viscoelastic materials300069
ME8001Mechanics of Mixtures300069
ME7023Foundations of computational materials modelling300069
ME6830Principles of Product Design300069