Curriculum for B.Tech (Dual Degree) in Manufacturing Engineering

L: Lecture; T: Tutorial; E: Extended Tutorial; P: Laboratory; O: Outside class hours; C: Credits;
Cat: Category (S: Basic Sciences, E = Basic Engineering; H = Humanities; P = Professional)

Professional Elective 1 - to be chosen from 4000 level; Professional Elective 2-4 - to be chosen from 5000 + level.
Course #Course NameLTEPOTHCCategory
Semester 1
MA1010Functions of Several Variables310061010S
PH1010Physics. 1 310061010S
CS1100Introduction to Programming 300361212E
PH1030Physics Lab0004044S
CY1002Chemistry Lab0003033S
Life Skills0000330
Semester 1 : Total5449
WS1010Workshop I0003033E
Semester 2
MA1020Series and Matrices310061010S
PH 1020Physics. 2310061010S
CY1001Chemistry 310061010S
AM1100Engineering Mechanics310061010E
Humanities Elective-13000699H
ME1120Engineering Drawing1003377E
Semester 2 : Total5956
WS1020Workshop II0003033E
Semester 3
MA2020Differential Equations3000699S
AM2200Strength of Materials310061010P
AM2530Foundations of Fluid Mechanics310061010P
EE1100Basic Electrical Engineering310061010E
AM2540Applied Mechanics/Fluid Mechanics Lab0003033P
ME2220Kinematics & Dynamics of Machinery310061010P
Semester 3 : Total5252
Semester 4
MAMaths Elective3000699S
ME2260Materials & Design310061010P
ME2XXXApplied Thermal Engineering310061010P
ME2XXXManufacturing Processes310061010P
ME2XXXMeasurements and Instrumentation300261111P
HSHumanities Elective-23000699H
Semester 4 : Total5959
Semester 5
ME3170Heat Transfer310061010P
ME3XXXEnergy Conversion System310061010P
ME3XXXManufacturing Technology310061010P
ME3350Design of Machine Elements310061010P
Free Elective 13000699
ME3XXXMachine Drawing Practice1003377P
ME3270ME Lab-10003033P
Semester 5 : Total5959
Semester 6
MEProfessional Elective -1 +3000699P
Free Elective 23000699
Free Elective 33000699
BT1010Life Sciences3000699S
ME3XXXAutomation in Manufacturing310061010P
ME3280ME Lab-20003033P
ME3300ME Lab-30003033P
Honours Elective 13000699
Semester 6 : Total5252
Semester 7
ME7240Modeling and Simulation in Manufacturing3000699P
ME7040Computer Aided Design in Manufacturing3000699P
ME7010Microprocessors in Automation3000699P
ME7050Computer Numerical Control and Adaptive Control3000699P
Free Elective 43000699
HSHumanities Elective-33000699H
Professional Ethics 0000220H
MEHonours Elective 23000699
Semester 7: Total5654
Free Elective 53000699
Free Elective 63000699
ME7430Oil Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems3000699P
ME7120Sensors for Intelligent Manufacturing and Condition Monitoring3000699P
ME7060Manufacturing and Precision Engineering Lab 0004044P
MEProfessional Elective 2**3000699P
Ecology & Environment 0000220S
Honours Elective 33000699
Semester 8 : Total5149
ME7980*Project-Phase I0000505021P
ME7980*Project-Phase II0000242424P
MEProfessional Elective 3**3000699P
MEProfessional Elective 4**3000699P
Free Elective 73000699
Free Elective 83000699
Semester 9 : Total6060
ME7980Project-Phase III0000404040P
Semester 10 : Total4040