Oil Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems

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ME7430Oil Hydraulic and Pneumatic SystemsSOMASEKAHR HIREMATH

Course Contents

Hydraulic Systems: Pumps and motors – Types, characteristics, efficiencies, torque and power; pump circuits and power packs – Filtration, Accumulators, etc.; Control of linear motion -load, friction and inertia effects, Directional control, speed control, Pressure controls and related circuits; control of Rotary motion -Motor systems, Hydrostatic transmissions; Circuits -Fundamental switching circuits and Electro hydraulic circuits, Design and analysis, Pressure losses and energy consideration. Pneumatic Systems: compressed air generation, preparation and distribution; pneumatic working elements; pneumatic control valves, Design and construction of simple pneumatic circuits, various possibilities of switching of signals like cascade systems, shift register circuits etc; Multi-cylinder sequence control; Emergency control and incorporation of auxiliary conditions.