Microfluidics and Microsystems

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ME6008Microfluidics and MicrosystemsASHIS KUMAR SENHTML SHSlot-A

Course Contents

•Introduction: Origin, Definition, Fluid quantity, Benefits, Challenges, Commercial activities.
•Scaling laws: Scaling in nature, Scaling of physical systems, Trimmer’s vertical bracket notation, limitations.
•Micro-scale flows: Intermolecular forces, States of matter, Continuum assumption, Governing equations, Constitutive relations, Gas and liquid flows, Boundary conditions, Slip theory, Transition to turbulence, Low Re flows, Entrance effects, Liquid film flow in an inclined plane, Couette flow, Poiseuille flow, Stokes drag on a sphere, Time-dependent flows, Two-phase flows, Couette flow with slip, Hydraulic resistance and Circuit analysis, Straight channel of different cross-sections, Channels in series and parallel.
•Capillary flows: Surface tension and interfacial energy, Young-Laplace equation, Contact angle, Capillary length and capillary rise, Interfacial boundary conditions, Marangoni effect.
•Electrokinetics: Electrohydrodynamics fundamentals, Electro-osmosis, Dielectrophoresis, Electro-capillary effects, Continuous electro-wetting, Direct electro-wetting, Electro-wetting on dielectric.
•Microfabrication: Materials, Clean room, Silicon crystallography, Miller indices, Oxidation, Photolithography- mask creation, spin coating, exposure and development, Etching, Bulk micromachining, Wafer bonding, Polymer microfabrication: PMMA/COC/PDMS substrates, micromolding, hot embossing, fluidic interconnection.
•Microfluidics components: Micropumps, Microvalves, Microflow sensors, Micromixers, Droplet generators, Microparticle separators, Microreactors.

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