Mechanics of Thin Films for Microsystem Design

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ME6016Mechanics of Thin Films for Microsystem DesignRatna Kumar Annabattula; Manoj Pandey


Course Contents

Introduction and fabrication: Introduction to thin film based micro systems; Growth of thin films; Oxidation: Deal Grove model; Patterning and etching; Developing process flow; Film microstructure and stress.

Deformation and failure mechanisms in thin films : Mechanical behaviour problems: wafer cracking, thin film debonding (blisters, varicose and telephone cord);

Sources of stresses in thin films: intrinsic (mis-fit), thermal and epitaxial, Stoney’s formula; Mechanics of thin films: Deflection associated with biaxial bending, film stress substrate curvature relations, thin film and substrate in a stress-free state

Dynamic aspects of thin film based structures : Lumped parameter based reduced order modeling of beams and plates; Scaling issues at micro scale and non-dimensionalization; Free and forced undamped vibrations, adding in-plane loads and effect of pre-stress; Mode-mixing; Modeling damping from squeeze film, thermoelastic effects and anchor loss; Anisotropic material response, Flexible (Non ideal) supports.

Applications: Modeling and analysis of a cantilever shaped RF MEMS switch; Reduced order model generation for a thin disc shaped MEMS oscillator; Dynamics of a thin circular plate under large deflection and mode mixing; One-dimensional blister problem for interfacial delamination; Self-forming of three-dimensional micron sized objects from planar (two-dimensional) thin films.

Text/Reference Books

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