Machining & Metrology

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumbessrTime
ME3190Machining & MetrologyG. L. SamuelMSB 242Slot-A


Course Contents

Principles of Metal cutting – orthogonal and oblique cutting; Shaping, turning, drilling, milling – Machine Tools and their working – Process variables; Cutting tools – Nomenclature, Tool life;
Abrasive machining processes – grinding, honing, lapping, burnishing and super finishing – Equipment, process variables and surface features; Surface integrity concepts.

Introduction to NC and CNC – Concepts and programming – Constructional features of various machine tools: Introduction to CIM.

Fundamentals of Measurement, Errors, Length Standards, Gauging, Comparators, Fits and Tolerances; Role of metrology in quality assurance; Linear and angular measurements; Optical metrology and laser interferometry; Slip gauges; Form measurements – Flatness, Straightness, Form errors; Surface finish measurements; Coordinate measuring machines; Vision applications in Metrology; Nano measurements.


Text/Reference Books

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  3. Thomas, G.G., Engineering Metrology, Butterworth, 1974.
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