Laser Diagnostics in Engines

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumbessrTime
ME6490 Laser Diagnostics in EnginesMayank MittalICE SHSlot-E

Course Contents

Properties of lasers
Classical versus laser diagnostic techniques
Introduction to laser spectroscopy
LIF, Laser Rayleigh scattering;
Laser extinction and absorption;
Coherent anti-stokes Raman spectroscopy for fuel concentration measurements
2-D temperature measurement by PLIF
In-cylinder flow field measurement
Laser Doppler anemometry and PIV
Soot diagnostics by LII

Text/Reference Books

  1. A.C. Eckbreth, Laser Diagnostics for Combustion Temperature and Species, 2nd edition. Gordon and Breach, UK, 1996.
  2. K. Kohse-Höinghaus, J.B. Jeffries (Eds.), Applied Combustion Diagnostics. Taylor and Francis, New York, 2002.
  3. Research Papers