Fundamentals of Combustion

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumbessrTime
ME6060 Fundamentals of CombustionRAGHAVAN V; VARUN KUMAR STDCE SHSlot-C

Course Contents

Fuels and their properties, Review of basic thermodynamics and gaseous mixtures, Combustion Thermodynamics; Stoichiometry, The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics applied to combustion; Heat, temperature and composition products in equilibrium, Mass transfer basics, Fundamentals of combustion kinetics, Governing equations for a reacting flow, General characteristics of combustion volumetric combustion, explosion and detonation, Laminar flame propagation; deflgration, premixed flame burners, theories, Flammability limits, partial premixing and quenching of laminar flames, Ignition, Flame stabilization, Gas jets and combustion of gaseous fuel jets, Turbulent premixed and non-premixed flames, Droplet evaporation and combustion, Combustion of a carbon particle

Text Books

1. An Introduction to Combustion Concepts and Applications by S.R. Turns, McGraw Hill
2. Principles of Combustion by Kenneth Kuo, John Wiley
3. Combustion by Irvin Glassman, Academic Press
4. Combustion Theory by F. A. Williams, ABP
5. Understanding Combustion by H.S. Mukunda, Macmillan India