Design with Advanced Engineering Materials

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ME5207Design with Advanced Engineering Materials


Understanding selection of materials for various engineering applications, high temperature materials (super-alloys), engineering plastics, elastomers, ceramics, and coatings.

Course Content

Engineering Design process and the role of materials; materials classification and their properties; material property charts; selection of materials based on function, objective, constraints and free variables; examples of material selection for typical applications; Computer aided materials selection. Selection of process based on material classification; pencil curve approach; material selection for multiple constraints and multiple objective cases; multiple constraints and conflicting objectives. Co-selection of material and shape; concept of macroscopic and microscopic shape factors; Four quadrant method of material selection. General Properties of plastics, polymers and elastomers; visco-elastic properties; short-term and long-term properties of plastics; mathematical modeling of plastic properties; Maxwell, Kelvin-Voigt Models; fatigue and fracture of plastics; selection of plastics based on mechanical properties, degradation due to environment, wear; Design methods for snap fits; case studies. Fundamentals of fiber reinforced plastics; Stress, strain analysis of continuous fiber composites, rule of mixtures, general deformation behavior of laminates. Introduction to high temperature materials; families of super alloys and their characteristics; creep and fatigue resistance of super alloys; role of precipitates in strengthening of super alloys; repair of super alloys after creep damage; coatings for high temperature materials. Fundamentals of ceramics, general properties, applications of ceramics for critical applications. Design considerations. Surface treatment of materials using coatings; type of coatings; PVD and CVD coatings. Basics of electro-plating and electro-less plating.

Text Books

 1. Ashby, M.F., “Materials Selection in Design”, Butterworth-Heinemann, 4/e, 2010.

2. Crawford, R. J., “Plastics Engineering”, Butterworth-Heinemann, 3/e, 2002.

3. Donachie, M. J. and Donachie, S. J., “Super alloys: A technical guide”, ASM International, 2002.

Reference Books

 1. Carter, C.B., and Grant, N. M., “Ceramic Materials: Science and Engineering”, Springer, 2007.

2. Bralla, J. C., “Design for Manufacturability Handbook”, McGraw-Hill Professional; 2/e, 1998.


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