Computational Heat and Fluid flow

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumbessrTime
ME6006Computational Heat and Fluid flowRAGHAVAN V; SHALIGRAM TIWARI


Course Contents

1. Review of governing equations for heat transfer and fluid flow and their categorization
2. Review of the solution procedure of system of linear equations
3. Finite Difference Method for heat transfer problems
a. Steady state heat conduction with heat source
b. Handling various boundary conditions
c. Convective- diffusive system – Upwind scheme
d. Transient heat conduction – explicit, implicit and Crank – Nicolson methods
e. Handling variable thermo-physical properties
4. Finite Difference Method for fluid flow problems
a. Stream function – vorticity based formulation
b. Techniques for Compressible flow solution
5. Finite Volume Method
a. Formulation, calculation of fluxes at faces of control volume, Source term linearization
b. Discretization for convective terms – upwind, power law, QUICK schemes
c. Staggered grid and solution of incompressible fluid flow
d. SIMPLE algorithm and extensions to SIMPLER, SIMPLEC and PISO
e. Handling various boundary conditions
6. Grid generation techniques
7. Basics of turbulence modeling
8. Numerical solution of reactive flows
9. Numerical solution of multi-phase flows

Text Books

1. Suhas V. Patankar, “Numerical Heat transfer and Fluid Flow,” Hemisphere, New York, 1980.
2. H. K. Versteeg and W. Malalasekara “An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics – The Finite Volume Method,” Longman, UK, 1995.
3. T. J. Chung, “Computational Fluid Dynamics,” Cambridge University Press, 2010.