Applied Thermodynamics

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ME5105Applied Thermodynamics

Course Contents

(1) Second Law Analysis1.1 Review of entropy

1.2 Second law analysis for a control volume

1.3 Irreversibility and availability

1.4 Exergy balance equation and Exergy analysis

(2) Thermodynamic relations for homogeneous phase

2.1 Maxwell relations, Relations involving enthalpy, internal energy and entropy

2.2 Equilibrium between two-phases of a pure substance

2.3 Clausius- Clapeyron equation

(3) Review of Ideal Gas, Ideal gas mixtures and mixing rules

3.1 Real gas behavior

3.2 Real gas equations of state

3.3 Property relations for mixtures and Psychrometry

(4) Combustion

4.1 Combustion reactions – Stoichiometry

4.2 First law analysis, Heat calculations, Adiabatic flame temperature

(5) Chemical Equilibrium

5.1 Chemical potential

5.2 Second law analysis of reacting systems

5.3 Chemical equilibrium

5.4 Free energies

5.5 Equilibrium flame temperature

5.6 Equilibrium products of combustion

(6) Gas Dynamics

6.1 Basic ideas in compressible flow

6.2 Normal shocks

6.3 Flow of perfect gases through nozzles

6.4 Flow of wet steam – Supersaturation, Wilson line and condensation shock

Text Books

1. Moran, M. J. and Shapiro, H. N. Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics, 5th edition, 203, John Wiley Sons

2. Sonntag, R. E, Borgnakke, C and Van Wylen, G. J. and., 1976, Fundamentals of Classical Thermodynamics, Wiley Eastern Ltd.

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5. Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics by V Babu, 2nd edition, Athena Publishers, 2015