Advanced Non-destructive Evaluation

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumbessrTime
NE6310 Advanced Non-destructive EvaluationKRISHNAN BALASUBRAMANIANMDS 217Slot-R

Course Contents

Relevance of NDT in industries, Basics methods of NDT, Statistics and Reliability for NDT, Digital Signals and Data Analysis for NDT. Basics of acoustic wave modes, Wave equation in acoustic and elastic media, Christoffel equations, reflection, refraction, mode conversion, diffraction and scattering of ultrasonic waves in isotropic and anisotropic media. Methods of contact and non-contact generation and reception of ultrasound. Recent techniques in ultrasonic testing: Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique, Phased and Sampled Array Ultrasound, Guided Waves with applications. Basics of Electromagnetic NDT, Maxwell’s Equations, Derivation of flux potential for eddy current inspection technique, skin depth effects, lift off effects and compensation, Low frequency and Remote Field Eddy Current Techniques, Pulsed Eddy Current Technique, Microwave field equations, reflection, refraction, mode conversion, diffraction and scattering of electromagnetic waves, Microwave instrumentation, applications of Eddy Current and Microwave NDT. Basics of Thermal Imaging, active and passive methods, diffusion of thermal waves in isotropic and anisotropic materials. Infra-red detectors and systems. Applications. Fundamentals of Radiography, Types of sources and detectors, Tomography and Laminography Algorithms for slice and volume reconstruction. Automatic Defect Recognition algorithms. Hybrid techniques in NDT, Sonotherm, Eddy-therm. NDE sensors for process monitoring.