Advanced Materials and Processing

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumbessrTime
ME7090Advanced Materials and ProcessingSushanta Kumar Panigrahi; Amitava Ghosh


Course Contents

Atoms,­ molecules, ­bonds in solids­ crystallinity, ­defects in metallic structure,­ dislocations and plastic  deformations ­fracture, ­iron ­carbon­  equilibrium  diagrams, ­steels and cast irons,­ transformation hardening in steels, ­TTT diagrams, ­other heat treatment processes, formation of alloys in steel and cast irons, ­non ferrous alloys and their  applications, special alloys.
Polymers and polymerization, ­structure and properties of thermoplastics and thermosets: ­engineering applications, ­property  modifications,­  mechanical and thermal behaviour, ­composites with polymer matrix, metal matrix and ceramic matrix: fabrication methods, applications, properties and mechanics.
Processing of polymers and ceramics, ­thermal spraying, ­ion beam machining, ­laser and electron beam processing, ­superplastic  forming, thin films  and their  deposition­, diamond coating techniques, ­tribological applications.

Text/Reference Books

1) J.T. Black, R.A. Kohser, Degarmo’s Materials and Processes in Manufacturing, John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
2) G.E. Dieter, Mechanical Metallurgy, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Third Edition, 2013.
3) Properties and Selection: Iron, Steel and High Performance alloys, ASM Handbook, Volume-1.
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