Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer

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ME5101Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer


Introduction – Review of Heat Transfer Fundamentals – Transientconduction and extended surface Heat Transfer – Brief review of SteadyLaminar and Turbulent Heat Transfer in External and Internal Flows – HeatTransfer at High Speeds – Unsteady Laminar and Turbulent Forced Convection in Ducts and on Plates – Convection with body forces – TwoPhase Flow correlations – Radiation basics – Radiation in Enclosures – Gas Radiation – Diffusion and Convective Mass Transfer – Combined Heat and Mass Transfe

Course Content: 

1. Thermodynamics and physics of phase change – vapour-liquid equilibrium for pure and multicomponent miscible fluids. Clasius-Clapeyron equation, interaction of vapour-liquid-solid phase – Young-Laplace equation, capillary and Bond number. Contact angle and its hysteresis, Cassie-Baxter equation, surface wettability, superhydrophobic surface, Bubble dynamics-Rayleigh equation, bubble deformation and collapse, breakup and coalescence. 2. Poolboiling – Nukiyama curve, boiling hysteresis, homogeneous and wall nucleation ,liquid superheat, bubble departure, release frequency, nucleation site density, heat transfer mechanism, pool boiling correlation-Rohsenow equation,VDI correlation, effect of system pressure, heater geometry, surface wettability ,dissolved gases and liquid subcooling, boiling of binary mixtures – wide range boiling and azeotropes, critical heat flux in pool boiling-vapor jet Taylor and Kelvin-Helmholtz instability model, correlation for CHF, film boiling – role of radiation, the Brombley model. 3. Twophaseflow and flow boiling – flow maps, homogeneous model, LockohartMartinelli and Martinelli- Nelson model, Chisolm Model , drift flux model, flow boiling – onset of nucleate boiling, convective boiling, Chen’s correlation, subcooled and saturated flow boiling, DNB and dry out, post dry out heat transfer. 4. Condensation -Nusselt’s theory of film condensation, condensation on tubes and tubes banks, deviations from Nusselt theory, effect of non-condensable in steam condensation, Intube condensation, flooding of condensers, dropwise condensation – promise and problems.

Text Books: 

1. Heat Transfer in Condensation and boiling, Karl Stephan , Springer- Verlag,1992 2. Convective boiling and condensation ,John G.Collier, John R.Thome, Oxford University Press, 1996. 3. Two Phase flow and heat transfer, P.B.Whalley, Oxford University Press, 1996. 4. Boiling Heat Transfer and Two-Phase Flow, L.S.Tong and Y.S.Tang , Taylor and Francis, 1997

Reference Books: 

1. Hand book of phase change: Boiling and Condensation, S.G.Kandlikar, Taylor and Francis, 1999. 2. Thermo-Fluid Dynamics of Two-Phase Flow, Mamoru Ishiii and Takashi Hibiki, Springer 2010. 3. Data Book III. John R. Thome , Wolverine Tube, 2004.