Acoustics & Noise Control

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ME7910Acoustics & Noise ControlP. Chandramouli; Abhijit Sarkar; C. Sujatha


Course Contents

Basic Acoustic Principles – Acoustic terminology and definitions, plane and spherical wave propagation – Theories of monopole, dipole and quadrapole sound sources. Sound transmission and absorption – Mass law transmission, sound transmission through double walls and multiple layers – sound transmission through ducts, sound absorbing materials.

Structure borne sound: Sound radiation and structural response, acoustic fatigue.

Machine Noise- Noise generation by bearing, gears motors, fans propellers, generator sets, cooling, pumpsets, pipe, etc.

Noise Control: Noise ratings and standards, human tolerance levels, equivalent sound level and loudness contours – Engine and muffler designs – Noise control through barriers and enclosures and absorbent linings – Vehicular noise and control – Environmental noise control.

Text/Reference Books

1. M. L. Munjal, 2014, Noise and Vibration Control, World Scientific Press: Singapore
2. E. G. Williams, 1999, Fourier Acoustics: Sound Radiation and Near Field Acoustic Holography, Academic Press: New York