ICOM 2023
The 1st International Conference on Micro Nano Fluidics - From Soft Matter to Bioengineering
ET Startup Awards 2022
ET Startup Awards 2022: Solinas Integrity wins the Best on Campus category



Mr. Arnab Chakraborty received INAE's Innovative Student Project Award at Master's Level for the year 2022. He is one of the 8 awardees in 2022 and the only recipient from IIT Madras. The department is proud of this achievement and congratulations to Arnab and his research advisor Dr. Srikrishna Sahu

Congrajulation to Dr. Vimal Edachery, Department of Mechanical Engineering on receiving the "Young Tribologist Awardfor excellence in research in the area of Tribology for young researcher, sponsored by Taiho Kogyo Tribology Research Foundation (TTRF Japan) at the IndiaTrib-2022.

  • A book entitled "ஆராய்ச்சி என்றும் ஆனந்தம்” (The Joy of Research, Tamil edition)" by  Prof. Chakravarthy Balaji​, Department of Mechanical Engineering has been published by Ane Books Private Limited, New Delhi.