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Interviews for MS/Direct PhD (MS + PhD)/Regular PhD admission for July 2020 session are delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic situation Due to large number of applicants short-listed, on-line interviews are difficult to conduct unless the situation improves. Candidates will be informed sufficiently in advance when the situation permits us to hold the interviews

Four ME PhD scholars are awarded Institute Research Awards for the year 2019-2020. The research scholars are Mr. Omkar Baswaraj Bembalge (ME14D034), Mr. Sachin Kumar Gupta (ME15D062), Mr. SK Rameez Iqbal (ME15D402) and Mr. Utsad Banerjee (ME16D010). They are guided by Prof. Sushanta Kumar Panigrahi, Prof. Mayank Mittal and Prof. Ashis Kumar Sen, respectively. Hearty congratulations to the scholars and their guides.

Congratulations to Prof. Chakravarthy Balaji and Prof. R. Gnanamoorthy for their selection as Chair Professors.

Dr Kameswararao Anupindi has been chosen for the "Young Faculty Recognition Award (YFRA)" for the year 2019.