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Henry Ford Chair Professor | Emeritus Fellow AICTE

Dr. Singaperumal, M.

Name:   Dr. Singaperumal, M. 

Designation:   Professor

Office Address:   MSB 312
Department of Mechanical Engineering
IIT Madras
Chennai - 600 036

Office Hours:  

Phone number:   +91 - 44 - 2257 8521 (O)

e-mail address(es):   msingam@iitm.ac.in

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  • Degree: Ph.D
    Year: 1986
    University: IIT Madras
    Specialization: Fluid Power

  • Degree: M.Tech
    Year: 1969
    University: IIT Madras
    Specialization: Machine Design

  • Degree: B.E.
    Year: 1966
    University: Bangalore University
    Specialization: Mechanical Engineering

  Professional Experience:

  Areas of expertise:
  • Fluid power

  • Electro-hydraulic servo systems

  • Low cost automation

  • Modeling and simulation

  • Mechatronics

  • MEMS

  Most recently taught courses at IIT Madras and elsewhere:


  Research Interests:
  • Micro systems technology

  • Mechatronics

  • Fluid power

  • Modeling & simulation

  • Electrohydraulic servo systems

  Most recently published papers:
  • S. H. Somashekhar, M. Singaperumal and R. Krishnakumar, "Solid Modeling and Parametric Evaluation of Two Stage Jet Pipe Flow Control valve", Proc. Seventh Scandinavian International Conf.On Fluid Power SICFP'01, Sweden, May 30-June 01, 2001, Pages 67-75.

  • S. Pugazhenthi, M. Singaperumal and T. Nagarajan, "Inverse Dynamic Analysis and Stiffness Optimization of Stewart Platform Based Machine Tool during Contour Machining", Proc.Second Asian Symposium on Industrial Automation and Robotics ASIAR 2001, Bangkok, May 2001, Pages 239-244.

  • Udupa Ganesha, M. Singaperumal, R. S. Sirohi and M. P. Kothiyal, "Charecterization of Surface Topography by Confocal Microscopy:II.The Micro and Macro Surface Irregilarities", Measurement Science and Technology, Volume 11, Issue 3, 2000, Pages 315-329.

  • Udupa Ganesha, Singaperumal, M, Sirohi, R. S and Kothiyal, M. P. "Charecterization of surface topography by confocal microscopy:I.Principles and the measurement system", Measurement Science and Technology, Volume 11, Issue 3, 2000, Pages 305-314.

  • Udupa Ganesha, M. Singaperumal, R. S. Sirohi and M. P. Kothiyal, "Assessment of Surface Geometry using Confocal Scanning Optical Microscope", Mechatronics, Volume 8, Issue 3, April 1998, Pages 187-215.

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  Current M.S. thesis guidance:
  • Name of Student: V. Vajra Mohan
    Title of Thesis:
    Performance Characteristics of Jet Pipe Electrohydraulic Amplifier

  • Name of Student: Jitendra Shah
    Title of Thesis:
    Neurofuzzy Classification for Detection of Tire Deflation

  Current Ph.D. thesis guidance:
  • Name of Student: S. Pugazhenthi
    Title of Thesis:
    Dynamic Modeling & Simulation of Hexapod Machining Center

  • Name of Student: S. H. Somashekhar
    Title of Thesis:
    Modeling & Analysis of Electrohydraulic Servo Systems using Jetpipe Servo Valves

  • Name of Student: P. K. Boominathan
    Title of Thesis:
    Active Control for the Design and Development of Adaptively tunable Viscous and Friction Dampers

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